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Artist Find Inspiration For Building Design In Everyday Object by Felipe De Castro

Creative Drawing: Felipe De Castro is a 33-year-old Brazilian urban planner and architect. He is based in Rio de Janeiro. He sees everything as inspiration. He noticed his liking for arts was right from his childhood and he created house models as young. He did it using ice cream sticks. Felipe de Castro chose to express himself through drawing and felt it was the simplest way to understand. There are many ways of expressing; it can be through writing, speech, body language, or drawing. The interpretation may be anything, but he chose drawing as he was always was focused on art.

Felipe De Castro is artistic and more technical. His focus is on people, architecture and has a good understanding of interpreting. Seeing believes and drawing is what people see. Artists look in otherworldly places for inspiration, while others make use of things around them. Felipe De Castro the art lover now turns everyday place, objects, and foods also into distinct architectural designs. He seems to be a building technician, an architect, and an urban planner. His ideas are unique and run with his wild imagination transforming a microphone into a hotel, a mask into a hospital, a stamp transforms into an Apple office and a sandwich becomes an oddly-shaped

His imagination is vivid that he says since childhood he imagined household items also in different scenarios, but only now he began bringing his wild ideas into paper through his art form. The re-readings were always a part of his mind, but he was very little and so did not put it on paper as a drawing. He says drawing is a creative exercise. His thoughts always take a turn towards construction and the moment he notices anything, his creativity of drawing hauls him towards architecture. He presents linear processing of ideas that gets its shape into new construction.

Felipe de Castro says imagining an object on a larger scale and placing it in his drawing is a big challenge. His drawings were about real life. His innovative work has brought followers on Instagram in thousands and it serves as entertainment and also as an educational purpose. He draws the attention of people from all over. He finds it rewarding. He welcomes the creative building’s surreal world that has unexpected objects. He brilliantly turns anything and it is as simple as he turns a pile of binders or a USB stick into an office building or a beautiful mansion.

He imagines anything and moves it to his paper and thus creates construction. This artist does not run short of ideas and there is always the latest rendition that is interesting than the earlier ones.

His gallery is full of interesting pictures. He is easy and flexible with his drawing and uses structuring thoughts in a variety of situations. He maps his ideas and thoughts and links them to objects and expresses them beautifully through his drawings. He presents a powerful way of displaying his art offering solution to people looking for architecture ideas.

Creative Drawing Pendrive by Felipede Castro
Image Credit: Felipe de Castro

Creative Drawing Bread by Felipede Castro
Image Credit: Felipe de Castro

Creative Drawing Mouth Organ by Felipede Castro
Image Credit: Felipe de Castro

Creative Drawing Watch by Felipede Castro
Image Credit: Felipe de Castro

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