Creative Photo Montage Natacha Einat
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20 Creative and Magical Photo Montage Photo Manipulation Ideas by Natacha Einat

A digital artist, Natacha Einat is based in Paris. She creates Photo Montage, visual metaphors keeping harmony with nature. She is obsessed with growth and loves learning to see things. She views everything from a new perspective and her artwork is always a new adventure. Her main aim is to inspire you and feed your imagination.

She commissioned Adobe many time to create new art pieces. She worked in partnership to test and highlighted in Adobe Photoshop new features. She works with authors, musicians, and brands.

She creates surreal visual and is passionate about creating visual metaphors. She wishes to make meaningful imagery. For anyone who wants to explore their imagination can create photo montage on Adobe Photoshop. However one must learn to use Photoshop. You need a computer with installed Adobe Photoshop, though having a graphics tablet is optional.

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Creative Photo Montage – Natacha Einat

#1 Dream Bubble

#2 Hot Air Balloon

#3 Space Dispersion

#4 Mirage

#5 Bubble

#6 Hope

#7 Hope

#8 Sweet Dreams

#9 Soul Whisper

#10 Soul Whisper

#11 Fox

#12 Panda

#13 Astro Nights

#14 The Lion


#16 Volcano Pencil

#17 Cosy


#19 Soul


Check More About Natacha Einat: Behance | Instagram


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