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20 Creative and Striking Macro Flower Photography by Jacky Parker

Award winning photographer, Jacky Parker specialises in Macro flower photography. Jacky Parker lives in Iver, Buckinghamshire, UK. She studied in Horticulture for a degree 8 years ago and was fascinated by the structure and complexity of the fragile beauty of fauna and flora that she set out capturing images revealing the delicate beauty of flowers.

Jacky Parker is member on ePHOTOzine. She shares about flower shots a few tricks and tips. Jack’s fascination for plants and flower is from the time she was studying in horticulture diploma that introduced her to floral photography. It involved producing a thesis and some photographs. Later she married a professional photographer and it is 20 years. She asked him to show a simple camera to capture images for her thesis and earlier to that she did not have any interest in photography.

The flower photography began here and the first images produced were fascinating that she got involved with flora and fauna. She began noticing the intricate details of flowers and it was useful for her to be her own tutor and she had her husband to give her lots of advice and help.

Jacky’s husband, is a Nikon user, and advices on DSLR Nikon D 300 DSLR. Jacky uses NIKKOR Micro 105mm f/2.8 lens and it is her favourite lens. She now moved to Nikon D700 and is comfortable with this combination.

She uses a 16-35mm NIKKOR wide-angle zoom and an 80-400mm telephoto zoom for wildlife to create stunning images. Apart from this there are various lenses and optics featuring macro attachments and a Sigma ring flash. She says to get good shots knowing the subject well is very important.

She is happy amidst wildflower meadows as it is the place where two pictures never are the same. She avoids bright sunlight and harsh shadows. So she prefers shooting early evening and mornings. Her favourite flowers are poppies and corn marigolds now as they look great in the vibrant striking colors and their petals are like paper.

She likes to get the maximum bokeh and it is important for her picture creativeness is Jacky’s say. She says people keen in flower photography should have the drive of getting more involved. She enjoys abstracts and textures in nature and clicks shots in different backgrounds.

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