Creative Photo Manipulation Leotrim
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“Day Dream” Creative Digital Photo Manipulation by 1Am Leotrim

Based in Vancouver, Canada is Leotrim, a graphic design student. He specializes in photo manipulation, digital art and branding designs. He makes simple, modern, and timeless designs and also has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Photo manipulation is a method that undergoes alteration of photographs in some way that it is either dramatic or subtle. These changes are accomplished through physical alterations. Improvement in technology is through computers. However, photo manipulation may be a part of the artist’s creativity thoughts to make an image appear unique taking into combination the imagination and artistic beauty with real images.

The computer software developments and the digital photography proliferation have made photo manipulation easier. The changes to photographs or pictures can be changed now in many ways. The software is helpful to create pictures and portray even the most impossible things. However, photo manipulation has made things easier, it can be a simple color change in an image or alterations much beyond imagination.

#1 Astronaut Dream

#2 Girl Dream

#3 Lights

#4 Big TIger

#5 The Portal

#6 Couple Dream

#7 Romantic Couple

#8 Life

Creative Photo Manipulation Life by Leotrim
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#9 Fantasy Mushroom

#10 Sunset Moment


#1 Astronaut Dream

#2 Girl Dream

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