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15 Creative and Funny Photo Manipulation works by Spiel Sinn

Photo manipulation: Spiel Sinn designs is active in the graphics, web design, and communication areas right from 2008. Spiel Sinn presents the knack of playing with colors, ideas, and shapes, giving new designs for the advertising and keeps discovering constantly. An advertising company is run by Ingo Lindmeier in the name of Spiel Sinn. He creates awesome images combining plants and animals or food and human. It has now become a signature style of Spiel Sinn to post similar images in tons on a regular basis. To have a glance of Spiel-Sinn’s surreal work, you can check with Instagram and enjoy the photos.

Ingo Lindmeier was born in 1969. In 2008 he transformed taking a leap from media designer to a “Flausenbändiger” (someone attempting and not showing successes in taming nonsense) and right from that time is known in the name Spiel-Sinn. Apart from his work as a graphic and web designer, he is working more intensively on composing and digital art. He is available on Instagram, Facebook, or his design website.

He creates sensible designs in bringing the customers into the vision field. It is done in a professional and unique manner. Design is a way of communication. As it is his advertising agency, he works as a creative service provider. He wishes to get in touch with particular audience and groups. He uses Spiel Sinn to play across the borders and to develop new products. With the section of corporate design, there are many examples from the forge of Spiel-Sinn that is inspiring.

Ingo Lindmeirer uses Pixel Squid in Spiel Sinn as an amazing tool to build a range of imagery. It helps his do without any hassle of preparing and searching the right reference image. There is tutorial series, including graphic designer and Ingo Linemeirer says he used Pixel Squid objects in creating his imagery to meet the advertising-grade.

Here is a small piece known as Guitaffe that is a part of his Haushaltsier series.

  • He began keeping the Adobe Stock base and got a clean-cut giraffe to use as a standard background.
  • All the other elements including the guitar are from Pixel Squid that arrives to the name Guitaffe. He selected the guitar in the Pixel Squid, inserted, rotated, and scaled it to proper position.
  • He took the giraffe front part and kept a puppet warp tool so that he could mimic the guitar shape and also create a smooth transition.
  • He removed the giraffe existing neck and positioned the head over the guitar, and then enlarged it.
  • He used a metal pipe for the neck as a temporary placeholder. For the back part resembled the guitar.
  • The tough task was the legs. He did some searching and got the right shape to fit his imagination. The legs were kept slightly visible giving an organic impression to support the legs shape.
  • The horns of the giraffe was aligned with mold and complemented by Pixel Squid.
  • Placing all elements together, he gave exposure and color levels with tonal corrections.
  • He gave the bottom shadows, checked transitions, reworking the shadows and light closely.
  • He did color adjustment, checked the image, fine-tuned the areas and the Guitaffe is ready.

Photo Manipulation-Spiel Sinn

#1 Caulibird

#2  Cabbird


#4 Guitaffe

#5 Cameleon

#6 Sloth

#7 Butterfly

#8 Dino

#9 Monster

#10 Rider

#11 Monster

#12 Global Warming

Creative Photo manipulation Ideas Global Warming by Spiel Sinn
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#13 Insect Head Light

#14 Spray

Funny Photomanipulation Spray by Spiel Sinn
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#15 Skull Mug

To know more about Spiel Sinn: Website 

Source: http://www.spiel-sinn.design/meta/spiel-sinndesign


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