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15 Colorful Creations through Digital Painting by Guilherme Asthma

Digital Painting: Guilherme Asthma is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, a freelance visual artist. He is a stunning artist and using Photoshop brings out impressive animal painting. He also gives a photograph for reference. All his photos are stunning as he has given importance to the colors and lighting. The craft is that he is a true master and it is about making greater art.

Guilherme Asthma started in the Graphics field since 2009. He is working as a freelance Art Director, Senior Illustrator and 2D animation to the top brands in the world. He created visual illustration arts retaining its freshness. There is the first paint stroke and the expressions are maintained to be spontaneous and free.

His artworks are eye-catching and he is a multidisciplinary artist from Brazil producing on traditional and digital media colorful creations. Anyone will find his techniques of using colors impressive. The graphics and the 2D animation presentation are beyond words. The work quality is amazing that each picture of animal looks beautiful. The colors bright and subtle merge with each other giving a new way of seeing an animal.

Digital painting is a beautiful art form that is emerging and the techniques of traditional painting such as oils, watercolor, impasto, etc are applied using the computer, stylus, and graphic tablet software. The digital tools are the weapons bringing out the creativity in new spheres and leveraging the levels. The artists who are creative now use the software and highlight their creativity in new styles and forms.

The beauty of digital painting is that it is a new medium creating beautiful artwork. There is no messiness of the oils or inks in the painting. There is a need for the same techniques and skills as traditional painting. It is a lot easier in several ways.

The digital painting does not need any paper or canvas. It allows the artist to work directly on a computer and there are benefits such that it is less messy. As you do not use a canvas, paper or colors, the work area is clean and with a computer even in the smallest spaces you get to set up your work. Setting up a computer, laptop or a tablet anywhere indicates you can go and get your work done.

It is faster as it is digital painting and you need not wait for the paints to dry like that of the canvas and paper painting. Your creativity just takes to leaps as it allows working faster using powerful digital tools such as layers to entirely unlock the working in new ways. Having a graphics tablet and choosing to paint with the software as per choice is helpful.

The ideas can be put into creativity using digital painting. It also gives an opportunity to make change in no time. The alterations using the software are faster and you can also get an idea instantly about the way it appears

Colorful Digital Painting-Guilherme Asthma

#1 Penguin

#2 Toucan Bird

#3 Cat

#4 Fox

#5 BIrd

#6 Kingfisher
Colorful Digital Kingfisherby Guilherme Asthma
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#7 Cat

#8 Tiger

#9 Toucan Bird

#10 Cat


#11  Zebra

#12 Panda


#13 Girl

#14 Woman

#20 Girl

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Source: https://www.artstation.com/guilhermeasthma


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