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25 Colorful and Creative Digitally Visualizing Characters by Samji illustrator

Samji, a Thiruvananthapuram native, Kerala from India is working as a freelance illustrator. He loves creating digital illustration, futuristic designs on the canvas with splurging vibrant colors. The illustrator’s sketches feature the female form abundantly. The silhouette in her cosmos, playing with a feline, animatedly painting with loud and flamboyant colors is the signature pieces of the illustrator. The female figures are aesthetically pleasing and complex. He brings mannerisms into figure illustrations and is reflected in the female characters.

Samji realized his art provides a livelihood and so he never turned from his passion and saw it as his profession. His artistic sensibilities and the design ethos are tested and he embarked as a freelance illustration as his career. He started studying animation, but it turned a disaster. On completion, he did odd jobs and studied. After a few years, he got into Fine Arts College.

Freelancing was his option and he started designing when he realized it was not his cup of tea. Therefore, he chose illustration and now resides in South America. Samji began traditional sketching, but did not turn a new leaf, while digitally visualizing. There are endless possibilities in digital illustration and anyone can explore and experiment. However, hue and saturation are prominent characteristics of his work and they are the omnipresent highlights.

The deep-seated enthusiasm illustrators for mannerisms and human behavior play a crucial aspect. His special project is the one that made him realize that he cannot become a good illustrator merely by drawing well.

Being from Kerala, India, he became an illustrator and made a living. His venture into the creative field was through animation. As a freelancer, he got to work with people around the world. The aerospace industry is a new avenue in the illustration career and he gave him a chance to come out of his comfort zone and to stretch his limits.

Samjis work is in his Instagram page and his artworks promote commercial purposes. He was inspired with illustration as he can also earn money. He did not like getting stuck up with some
odd job. He wished to do something that interests him and to live life to fullest potential.

As he did not begin with digital illustration initially, his career was a roller coaster ride. He took a few jobs, studied and dropped out in the third year. Moving to earning money into graphic designing, he got an opportunity to do illustration and started solely working on illustration.

He says his art style is ever-evolving process. The style it followed was realistic. He got bored and lazy to do in his illustrations the detailing. Now his style of art follows different outlines as pre his drawing and comfort zone. His professional work involves research and studies. He creates a mood, scribble and thumbnail previews. On getting the approval, moves to the final draft phase. He starts for his personal works with a random scribble and develops his project.

He says incentives motivate him. For personal work, he does not push himself to the extreme. He handles his clients and feedback, and ensures he creates that they want. In case their feedback
makes less sense, he puts his inputs and paints a picture that his clients will like it.

He takes digital illustration projects by scheduling the client works, so that he is not under work pressure. For tighter deadline projects, he charges extra payment. He avoids working or remote
projects so that his freedom and space is not curbed.

























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