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20 Mix Media Techniques Colorful Contemporary Art by Lea Roche

Lea Roche was Born in 1964, Léa Roche is a French contemporary artist. She graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Grenoble. She works and lives in Spain. Her contemporary art influences are life, wild nature and street.

Her paintings are modern and very contemporary, presenting a mix of urban and pop new style in a distinct way. Roche is specialized in animal and human faces close-up portraits, but she also works on abstract and life scenes.

She is been painting over 3 decades now and in a traditional way in acrylic, oil or water color. In the past 15 years, she became infographic art designer. Here she is free from any trend and works in mix-media techniques, paintings, melting various techniques, technologies, and supports, traditional style painting. She does this generous works as it is full of life and colors.

Her modern painting presenting a mix of pop and urban style is her own brand invented and has copyright 2010 in the name ‘Fuzzy Art.’ She is specialized in animal portraits, while she also works in life and abstract scenes.

She is living in Spain now for some years. It is an opportunity to buy attractive, authentic paintings and lithographs for art enthusiasts. All artworks are bought from art galleries, artists, or auction houses. Most of them come with Certificate of Authenticity.

Léa Roche is specialized in animal close-up portraits. She is an artist having a passion for technology and colors, and loves creating unique multicoloring paintings.

Roche specializes with a predilection for cats and felines, but works with female faces, and abstract scenes. Her contemporary art paintings come alive with abstract shapes, bright colors, and distinct personalities. There is beauty and depth to Roche’s renditions, offering a connection of souls, between her canvas and the artist.

Lea Roche joined Fine Art America on November 1st, 2021.

Colorful Contemporary Art

#1 Elephant

#2 Lion

#3 Humming Bird

#4 Tiger

#5 Panther

#6 Cat

#7 Andyna Pacific Cat

#8 Persian Cat

#9 Kamyblue Cat

#10 Cubist Tiger

#11 Macaw

#12 Pajaro Alicantino

#13 Jesus Calypso

#14 Fancine

#15 Dayana

#16 Not Seen

#17 Woman

#18 Estampe

#19 Forest Muse

#20 Bird

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