Colorful Tattoo Ideas Cisco Ksl
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20 Stylized and Colorful Animal Tattoo Artworks by Cisco KSl

A spanish illustrator, Cisco Ksl is a tattooist and a graffiti artist. He is immersed into this artworld since his childhood right between his city Catalan art schools and the graffiti world.

Born in Barcelona in 1983, Cisco acquired his design and illustration degree. His school taught him colors, basic art, techniques, drawing, and he learnt graffiti on the streets and tattoos in the studio. He works in the LTW Tattoo studio as a tatoo artist in Barcelona. In his free time he does a lot of painting, graffiti, and illustration.

Cisco has been interested in comics, painting, illustration, and music. He grew up in a culturally, creative and exposed family that he visited many museums and expositions from his childhood. His graffiti vocation began when he was 14 years and necessity brought him to hit the streets. He painted with a lot of friends, but was always alone. He loved drawing characters and has been in this art works that evolves with every passing day.

Cisco draws inspiration from the tradotopma; tattoos, old illustration, photography, C-mic, music. He finds great inspiration in sketching. Cisco works on different mediums, such as print, digital art, canvas. He loves graffitti and painting as it allows to freely express himself. His drawings or paintings on paper represent his true style. On tattoo or other works, he works according to the client and accepts he does not get to express his free style.

Cisco KSL Tattoo maintains a distinct style. He draws tattoos in black and white and as Colorful Tattoo. His works feature simple lines and it has the absence of color and shading. His typography includes simple serifs to elaborate scripts. He started tattooing with his friend in 2008. He was keen in tattoo and learned drawing on the skin. Now he focusses on tattoos. He loves graffiti, but life circumstances compel to choose tattoos and he hopes to paint all his life.

Cisco left impressive examples of street art, it incldues solo works and other works in collaboration with other artists. He painted walls of Holland, Berlin, France, New York, Morocco, and lots more. He plans to travel to many countries and cities for more painting, work, and expositions.

Cisco KSl sells his personal work through direct contacts or on galleries. His advice for new artists is to keep working and to go on.

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