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25 Bizarro Moments-Celebrities Photoshopped with their younger Photos by Ard Gelinck

Ard Gelinck is Dutch graphic designer photoshopping celebrities and is continuously hanging out with their younger selves for more than 10 years in a photo series. He refers it as ‘Then and now’. Ard, over these years has created celebrity montages in thousands and has amassed a huge beeline of followers that is almost 260k people on Instagram. This man uploads regularly new content and is back again with new material as a fresh batch.

Ard tries to challenge himself with his photo editing. He and his brother made 10 years ago their first image and the project gained popularity before 5 years. This graphic designer edited pictures of the Dutch celebrities’ photos and also tried the same on foreign celebrities. To begin with Madonna, they posted it on Instagram. His list includes Tina Turner, Sylvester Stallone, Robbie Williams, and more. He refers his art as impressive.

Ard Gelinck, the graphic designer gives Celebrities Photoshopped With their younger Photos. He says it is a way of going back in time and meeting your own younger self. It means you must have a photo to recollect such moments. He uses Photoshop as a time machine and creates images appearing as through the celebrities are hanging out their past. He presents a combination of existing photos of the famous faces and reveals how overtime they have aged.

Gelinck posts daily a new photo mashup and the prolific artist is going on. The Photoshop master merges two images by matching their scale and tone, resulting in single shots looking real. The latest photos of some celebrities are next to their kids, revealing how they looked before when they were popular. It includes Selena Gomez, Amy Winehouse, Mick Jagger, and Ed Sheeran, all posing next to their children as themselves. Even the Mini-mes are of excellent quality.

Gelinck shows the famous people how they looked during their “come up” stage and how they look now. Will Smith appearing as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air grins energetically now next to his current-self, of 52 years old. There is young J-Lo posing next to Jennifer Lopez now 52, who seems to never have aged at all!

Gelinck claims each edit of the celebrity photos is done maintaining proper respect to the original photographer, while he also credits them to his best. The ‘then and now’ are the latest of Gelinck’s photos of the celebrities. He does it in a creative way that the famous actors, singers, and models pose before camera and take snaps. He does everything using Photoshop and places the photo of the celebrity taken a few years ago, in the same frame, side by side.

Celebrities Photoshopped with their younger Photos by Ard Gelinck

#1 Queen Elizabeth

#2 Cristiano Ronaldo

#3 Ryan Renolds

#4 Pierce Brosnan

#5 Will Smith

#6 Bradd Pitt

#7 Leonardo Di Caprio

#8 Kate Winslet

#9 Keanu Reeves

#10 Jennifer Lopez

#11 Tom Hanks

#12 Sylvester Stallone

#13 John Travolta

#14 Al Pacino

#15 Matt Leblanc

#16 Bruce Wills

#17 George Clooney

#18 Daniel Radcliffe

#19 Meryl Streep

#20 David Schwimmer

#21 Red Redford

#22 Dolph Lundgren

#23 Ralph Racchio

#24 John Cruijff

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