3D Model Design Gal Yosef
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20 Cartoon Version Characters in latest pieces by Gal Yosef 3D Model Artist and Sculptor

An Israeli self-taught artist is Gal Yosef, a prodigy in the 3D model field of art and animation. He is also called as Galy. He uses his talent and creates nostalgic digital sculptures and is inspired by the contemporary society. His sculptures are based on themes.

Gal Yosef is in the digital sculpting. He specializes in well-loved, reimagined designs of cartoon characters. His passion and curiosity for drawing and painting increased and when he 12 years old, he started experimenting 3D designs. Gal Yosef’s art evolves in his latest pieces, in the avant-garde version, depicting a darker imagined cartoon verse version.

Gal Yosef confirms his interest in 3D art began when he was 6 years old. His love for cartoons and animation was because he watched animation movies. He recollects his childhood room that was filled with Disney toys, superheroes, Pokemons, etc. He used to mix different universes and each time it was a new adventure.

As a kid, Gal Yosef transformed the toys by painting their suits, and always made the toys special by adding elements. He made it more interesting and unique. He build sets from plants and stones pieces found near his home and worked for hours. It kept him focused. He says everything is artistic, if your pick the tool appropriately. In his school days, he was only keen in creativity and drawing. It is the way he wishes to see and make his thoughts and life visible.

He revealed his emotions and feelings. he is very creative and to him art is to bring into contemporary life the innocent characters. He imagines how things would be if these characters come alive anytime. Basically, he is showing himself through the art

in his comfortable way through his favorite characters. Gal Yosef gives life to idea through his rough sketches and works using a concept. He uses unique tools to get the level of details. He sometimes, finishes an artwork and tries different textures for the skin and cloth as a new version. He is very comfortable with the furs step. He likes dramatic lighting and does not work on deadlines. He finishes an art only when he feels it is perfect to complete. Gal Yosef, the Israeli painter, sculptor and 3D Artist is the most influential digital artists

Apart from manifesting my things and feelings, I want to reveal to the world that innocence is disappearing and money is rotating everyone. He loves artists namely Dali, Kaws, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Andy Warhol. He loves the connection of social media as he gets to know more new people and loves staying updated.

Gal received from American Autodesk Corporation a title ‘Artist of the Month’ and soon became a favorite. In 2021 February he became the 3D artist for the first time to be invited to the Eden Gallery, NYC-based. He showcases his art around the world in galleries including Dubai, London, Israel, Mykonos, Las Vegas, and many more. His artworks are sold in a month for more than $1 million.

3D Model Design-Gal Yosef

#1 Tom and Jerry

#2 Donald Duck

#3 Tweety Time

#4 Games of Tunes

#5 Mickey Mouse

#6 Popeye

#7 Toystory

3d Cartoon Character Toy Story by Gal Yosef
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#8 Mini Mouse

#9 Pink Panther

#10 Bull

#11 Livis Hannah

#12 Mario

#13 Pikachu

#14 Buzz Outfit

#15 Spongebob

#16 KItty

#17 Scrooge McDuck

#18 Squirtle

#19 Lola (bunny) Lisa

#20 Goofy

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