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15 Captivating Hyper Realistic Paintings by Italian Artist Marco Grassi

Italy born and raised, Marco Grassi is an award-winning photographer. He was born in Reggio Emilia. He is an Italian artist and works in his city. He is a self-taught photographer, expedition leader and avid adventurer. He extensively traveled the world to capture beauty around him. He was driven in pristine landscapes by his interest and went to remote destination that led him to incredible places on earth. He is known for his hyper realistic painting.

Marco Grassi is experienced photo education, and avid adventurer, involved in leading workshops all over the world so that he shares his knowledge, vision, and approach. He is also a NFT artist.

Marco graduated in Bologna from the Academy of Fine arts. Marco chose to give his full time to his passion painting and it was his choice from this childhood. Delicacy and line quality in the colors were his painting fundamental aspects that he concentrated. He was fascinated by the body changes and personality that he reinterprets the human forms through metamorphosis.

Marco’s pictures focused on nature and evoked mightiness. It highlighted the power surrounding right from giant mountains to vast deserts. His work is published and he is prominent worldwide appearing in various media outlets such as the CNN, National Geographic, BBC, The Telegraph, and GEO Magazine.

The artist is successful in oil painting and does his works on canvas. Marco Grassi uses the female body often and a female profile. His work shows naked women body on canvas using oil painting. His hyper realistic paining adds surreal images to a womans body. The artist drawing earthly figures presents it in a realistic way, while creates a different ambience and aesthetic with surrealistic images as he adds to figures.

Marco Grassi creates remarkable portraits accompanied by a pinch of surrealism and special touch. Right from his career beginning, he developed his own style praising the female subject identity in a specific moment and painted it. his intense female portraits captivate the viewers, and creates a silent dialogue between the audience and the subject.

Marco Grassi art is a combination of hyper-realistic color and pure decoration. Earlier, Marco used decisive brushstrokes outlining his anatomic forms that gave his work stability and gave bold colors in contrast, while blended with a spatula giving drippings and made it appear subtle.

But recently abandoned that element and his subjects now display less certainty and it allows figures to integrate with complex colors. The background is more decisive and it displays the facial expressions of his subject, creating complexity and intense silence.

Marco Grassi”s works are exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions, and international fairs such as SCOPE Basel, Art Basel, and the Moscow Art Fair.

Realistic Oil Painting-Marco Grassi

#1 Captivity

#2 Captivity

#3 Blue Shawl


#4 Blue Green


#5 Blue Green

#6 Blue Eye


#8 Mother Of Pearl

#9 Mother of Pearl




#13 Paradox Of Evolution



#16 Paradox of Evolution


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