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10 Stunning Butterfly Macro Photography by Dina Telhami

Dina Telhami is now a 28-year old photographer. She is an Digital Artist and retoucher based in Israel. She loves capturing all the small things as she finds it beautiful as a photographer. She is involved in Macro Photography and is working right from her childhood. Now, it is almost ten years, she dedicates all her time in her surroundings and lover her job as a photographer.

Dina Telhami photos have the true power of showing the beauty of life and to find joy. Find on Instagram page her creations that come alive even in small things. She already has more than 30,000 followers and it is highly inspiring. She sells her photography prints, as well.

Macro Photography is the only activity Dina Telhami loves the most and does in her free time. She began as a children photographer for 10 year and she loves it. She strongly believes that there is no life existing without nature and loves to live with nature. The god’s gift to Mother earth is nature and each person views the nature in a different angle and unique passion. Some love taking photographs, while some like drawing or singing songs. There is lot of variations.

Dina Telhami’s Macro Photography involves taking small things pictures and using oil paint filter, she makes them look as paintings with softer texture, offering glowing effect. Dina focuses on macro, flowers, and still life photography. She uses Canon 5D Mark III camera. Her Fine Art Flowers Photography first appeared on Photogrist Photography Magazine.

Macro Photography requires right skills, especially for beginners to start. It is rewarding, but capturing amazing images is a talent. There are beautiful images of small animals, plants, and insects, and yet capturing from your own backyard some amazing images is rewarding. You can learn macro photography from start and on learning you can know how to place the stunning macro photographs.

Macro photography is a beautiful photography form involving small objects photographing to make them look larger or life-sized in the photo. It includes small insects and flowers that are hard to see with naked eye. Such type of photography, the macro photography brings out details even out of inanimate objects such as jewelry details. It is an art form now widely use for event photography, portraiture, action, or travel in the digital and film age.

A macro shot relies on the magnification level and so is at 1:1, such that an object of 1-inch is projected on the camera sensor at 1-inch. If it is projected at half size, it will take only half inch of the sensor appearing as 1:2 magnifications. True macro is the one that is magnified at 1:1 ratio or higher.

To get the actual hold of macro photography there are macro lenses available in a wide range for most DSLRs. They are optimized to achieve nearly 10xs magnification to give professional macro images. However, the truth is it is hard to execute without knowing how to adjust the camera settings and to suit the shooting requirements. It seems complicated, but is not really so, if you are passionate about macro photography.

Butterfly Macro Photography-Dina Telhami


Macro Photography Butterfly by Dina Telhami
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Macro Photography Butterfly by Dina Telhami

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