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15 Breathtaking Sculptures from Scrap Metal Sculpture by Brian Mock

Oregon-based artist Brian Mock transforms recycled scrap into beautiful metal sculptures. Mock took into the recycling work into a new level and is sculpting since 1997. His craftsmanship and artistry have evolved over years.

Brian grew up in Oregon, near Portland and spend his life from childhood in drawing, while his adult life took into wood carving and painting. He began sculpting in the 1990s using recycled metal and took into a creative passion. His welding skills are self-taught and it evolved into his craftsmanship and artistry.

He gives the scrap metal sculptures a new life. It is artistically demanding as he gives the everyday objects a new life and it is satisfying. His works is to emphasize the resourcefulness. Audience reactions encourages his creativity and works as fuel he believes. It helps him bringing vision to life.

Brian Mock, is a metal revolutionist and a sculptor bringing reclaimed materials into life as a spectacular art sculpture. The American artists is highly talented and is exploring by drawing, woodcarving, and painting. He developed this passion to use the metals that are scrap. He learnt to weld and acquired technical skills in combo with imagination. Thus, gained experience to turn discarded trash into beautiful sculptures of people, animals, cars, robots, and other custom and figurative objects that are functional and decorative. The artist places in the picture his dog or himself and it is truly appreciating as his artworks are unique.

Brian mock reclaimed materials used in art are a next level metal sculpture. He says he is happy to see the interaction among people as they try to look for objects to identify. He started this as a hobby and with time got better at sculpting that it is now his profession of full-time. Now his cool sculptures have found place in all the exhibitions.

He loves the concept of making something new and finds it fun creative challenge. He likes using the old things and the bonus is in using scrap materials, keeping the landfills out. He asks people to take creative measures to ensure less waste.

Mock collects materials from local auto and machine shops and is granted free access to the people’s garages, dumpsters or basements. He draws inspiration from interesting materials and it is a way of improving sculpting. He used MIG welding as the fabrication method and applies metal cutting and grinding as the techniques. Most of his sculptures offer a vision and it takes a couple of months to complete a sculpture as per the piece size. Some typical works takes 6 days a week with 6-8 working hours a day.

He says people find scrap turning into something useful is wonderful to see their reactions. It is like some puzzle game or a spy game that each tries to find the pieces. It is a rewarding experience to see people engaging in the scrap metal sculpture art.

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