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20 Breathtaking Unabashed Celebration of Black Skin Beauty Photography by Joey Rosado

A Puerto Rican lifestyle, beauty and fashion photographer, Joey Rosado is from Brooklyn and his pictures are breathtaking.

Joey Rosado is known as IslandiBoi born, has grown today to be a respected photographer from formerly being in a luxury residential property in New York as a doorman and worked at Party City as stock associate. He started honing in 2007 his skills and is today and appreciator of black beauty.

Photography is an art, technique, and science of capturing images, no matter, if it is captured digitally or by film, the ways pictures are taken invoke emotions.

IslandBoi is well-known for seizing the black men and women beauty. He began in 2015 a project in the name ‘Melanina’. It is a title in Spanish referring to Melanin. He photographs black men and women portraits in their natural beauty. He appreciates and wants them to accept their inner natural self and the skin they are in. He asks them to find perfection in their imperfections, to feel unapologetic and to uplift themselves to inspire others.

The works of IslandBoi is featured in October 2016 in the Glamour issue. He was working with a breast cancer survivor, Ericka Hart and featured in the fashion spread. In 2017, IslandBoi explained, “I want to show the world the beautiful, positive and inspiring way everyone is than that the media and society portray today. According to him, everyone is perfect in their own way and it is unique.

The fashion and beauty photographer, Joey Rosado is the IslandBoi Photography founder. He says Eyes are like shutter and mind is the lens. His images are of black women nude and without any makeup. He uses bold colored lines and presents intricate flower arrangement. He reveals the beauty of black women and dedicated to bold celebration of black skin.

Beauty and Fashion Photography-Joey Rosado














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