Bird Photography Ruurd Jelle van der Leij
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15 Dutch Photographer, Ruurd Jelle Van der Leij, Reveals the Beauty of Bird Photography

Bird Photography: Ruurd Jelle van der Leij (27) is raised in Oldeholtpade. He is passionate since childhood about birds and bird photography. It started as he was a small child and went looking for lapwing eggs with his father and soon everyone came to notice his special interest in birds. This is the way he met Freddie de Vries and lived at that time in Oldeholtpade.

Through Freddie, Ruurd Jelle contacted bird watchers group from oldeholtpade and had perfect people to look around, thereby he acquired enormous knowledge. He used the BMP method for bird inventory and in the spring took to visiting East Germany and Poland. In the autumn it was to Falsterbo, Sweden and to watch bird migration. It was the ideal way of learning about birds abroad and at home.

Ruurd Jelle was born on 15-12-1984 and he loves nothing but to birdwatching outside. According to him he is doing the most beautiful work in the work. And he says I never work. The common thread is Nature and he is fortunate to meet appropriate people. Right from his parents to primary or secondary school teachers, everyone noticed his fascination for nature and assisted him in acquiring more knowledge.

Ruurd Jelle is now working as wildlife filmer and photographer on several projects. He writes and photographs for books and magazines in Netherlands, also supply photos to worldwide books and films for Ruben Smit productions.

On completing his pre-university education, Ruurd Jelle started studying coast and sea management in Leeuwarden at the Van Hall. He had beautiful internships and fun excursions during his study, and he met more people that helped him broaden his knowledge. His passion for photography became apparent, and RJ was dependent on the equipment of others.

Bird photography became his option on returning from his education and nothing could stop him. He is now working as a full-time photographer and is also making a book. The book focuses two aspects; it gives importance for the regional culture institute and the language. The birds name is in Latin, Dutch, and Stellingwerfs. The book is filled with experiences from the past to prevention and handy recognition tips. The photos were chosen to reveal a beautiful image that you do not get to see of a bird in full view.

Ruurd Jelle van der Leij, is now a Dutch Ecologist, Filmmaker and Photographer creating an ongoing photography project titled Frontals. The project features bird’s photos taken from the front, and they are absolutely hilarious. The birds look different and focusing on it assures the birds look as angry birds, they also appear ridiculous and funny.

A simple shift makes a portrait look different. Ruurd Jelle, as a photographer captures birds from a vantage point and shows how they appear that is sure to make you laugh. His bird photography results reveal their personalities and show the new sides that seemingly appear always-graceful creatures.

#1 Bird Portrait Photography Spoonbill

#2 Bird Photo Egret

#3 Funny Bird Photography Owl

#4 Funny Bird Photo Marsh Tit

#5 Funny Bird Photo Pigeon

#6 Funny Bird PIcture Goose

#7 Funny Bird Portrait Picture Black Stork

#8 Funny Bird Picture Red Kite

#9 Funny Bird Photo Great Bittern

#10 Bird Photography Common Whitethroat

Bird Photography Common Whitethroat by Ruurd Jelle Van Der Leij
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#11 Bird Photography Magpie

#12 Bird Photography Hawfinch

#13 Funny Bird Picture Owl

#14 Bird Photography Bearded Tit

#15 Bird Photography Kingfisher

#16 Bird Photography Blue Throat

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