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10 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings by Liam Kumawat

Liam Kumawat is a 9th std school student. He wishes to pursue his academics and professional career in watercolor painting. He loves nature creatures and nature. Liam in his preschool days found his favorite time was when he could draw and paint. As he grew up, the love for painting and drawing did not fade away. He was ready to pursue studying art anywhere.

Liam Kumawat is an emerging Indian artist. His goal is to have in paintings a better world. He uses his vibrant colors, fine skills, and expressive thoughts in combination to give a stunning portrayal of nature. The beauty lies in his natural ease that he is able to bring out his creative on paper flawlessly. His conversation is more with his drawings and watercolor painting, where he uses vibrant colors.

Humble beginning

Liam as a kid is well-known throughout his school as an artist. He says his art teacher; Kr.Kishor Sinh Rathod, at school has been the biggest motivator, supporter, and critic. He taught the basics and encouraged Liam’s creative skills, pushing to do better.

Liam gives all his credit to his art teacher of his school at Ahmedabad, Poddar International School. Liam says the trust the art teacher showed enabled him to pursue art and paint, that soon he found he was growing to learn more of art every day.

Liam’s Inspiration of watercolor painting

Liam enjoys being amidst nature and its creations. He does not mind spending all his spare time being close the nature. He finds encouragement and inspiration from online friends and senior artists to pursue his passion with drawing and painting.

Liam is just in the starting of his art career as he is currently in his 9 th grade. He found his fondness in art from the age of four. On his fourth birthday one of his friends gifted sketch pens set and that day changed his life. He did not know anything as he was a small boy and started using the sketch pens. Very soon, it was replaced with brushes, a will to learn more in drawing and watercolor painting. He was fuelled with imagination and kept practicing it.

Liam says he is exploring every day and finds the art world has lots to give and for him to learn. He feels the connection more towards the world of art. He also has taken workshops from eminent watercolor artists, Mr. Prafull Sawant, Mr. Milling Mullick, and Mr. Bipin Dave. He says he is highly influenced by the watercolor books of Milind Sir and he practice using them.

Active participation

Liam participates in most art competitions. Tata Motors had organized a drawing contest and he participated in it. He participated in many and has a fair share as winner. His participation takes him through improvement each time. His guidance from his art teacher keeps him in practice consistently. His favorite subjects are the landscapes and fishes. He loves drawing object and animals. However, Betta fishes are his appreciated and most loved paintings.

In 2019 December, Liam Kumawat participated in Ahmedabad Tulika Art Exhibition and received a lot of appreciation that he treasures. Recently, he is selected for the International Watercolor Society, Poland Exhibition. He says it is a stepping stone for his art career. He agrees that participation is simple in any exhibition, but creating an identity is not easy.

However, he finds encouragement in each appreciation and is towards learning more art styles. Liam finds a lot of inspiration on social media. He says it is his real achievement that someone keeps showering love on my artwork, inspire and make each day better.

Art and Humanity

Liam is aware of the rapid and dynamic changes taking place in the art world. Creativity is matchless and the opportunities for abundant for the one who is ready to give his heart to the art field.

Liam says art styles keep evolving and is never separate from humanity. It continues to grow and art adapts to changing interests of the world. He wishes to explore the art world potential and he finds peace of mind in drawing and color painting.

Exhibitions Liam participated

  • Tulika – An International Art Exhibition at Jaipur (2019)
  • Tulika – A joint Art Exhibition by Liam & Meghna Rajput in Ahmedabad (2019).
  • Udan – An Art Exhbition at Godhara (2019)
  • Color Spectra –Paintings and Sculptures group exhibitiion at New Delhi (2020)
1 watercolor painting peacock by liam kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Peacock Art by Liam Kumawat

Watercolor Painting Peacock Art by Liam Kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Peacock Art by Liam Kumawat
3 watercolor painting matte fish by liam kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Betta Fish Art by Liam Kumawat

4 watercolor painting matte fish by liam kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Betta Fish Art by Liam Kumawat

5 watercolor painting river by liam kumawat
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Watercolor Painting River Art by Liam Kumawat

Watercolor Painting Lake Minnewanka Art by Liam Kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Lake Minnewanka Art by Liam Kumawat

7 watercolor painting creek by liam kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Creek Art by Liam Kumawat

8 watercolor painting allay by liam kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Allay Art by Liam Kumawat

9 watercolor painting harbor by liam kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Harbor by Liam Kumawat

10 watercolor painting quite place by liam kumawat
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Watercolor Painting Quite Place Art by Liam Kumawat

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Source: https://www.instagram.com/liamkumawat/

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