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15 Beautiful Pongal Kolam Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Pongal Kolam is very special in Tamil Nadu. There are several designs of Pongal Kolam and it consists of lines and dots forming a meaningful design. Though, drawing kolam is done in South India, throughout the year in most Hindu houses, the highlight is more during Pongal.

The kolam is not an aesthetic art. It represents prosperity and happiness. The designs vary in India in different section and are known by different names. The designs are proportioned and geometric. Drawing a chariot denotes Sankranti Rath, a chariot, a typical kolam in Pongal. The rath ropes are a way of symbolizing an uninterrupted cosmic cyle as the ropes are kept open until the next day.

The line kolams are freehand drawing featuring geometrical patterns. In a specific sequence, dots are arranged and they make pictorial designs. The Kolam is drawn using various materials such as rice paste, rice powder, colored powders, marble powder, flowers, and leaves. There is a grid of dots used to draw the kolam and the numbering is from 4 to 108.

There are raw materials used in Kolam and it includes edibles such as rice flour and leaves. Motifs are also added including birds, lotus, etc, reflecting the unity of man and nature. Most designs have a sense and the Pongal kolam features moon, sun, and other zodiac signs as themes. However, now natural dyes are derived and synthetic dyes are in array of bright hues. Materials include petals, flowers, and colored sand. Even plates are with designs etched with holes that you can fill Kolam powder and tap the plate on the ground to get an easier kolam.

Pongal Kolam Design















#15 Dotted 3×2 Pongal Kolam Design

#16 5 Dot Pongal Kolam Design


#1 3×2 Dot Pongal Kolam Design

#2  Easy and Attractive Pongal Kolam Design

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