Pastel Painting Rosmery Mamani Ventura
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15 Beautiful Portrait Pastel Paintings by Rosmery Mamani Ventura

Born in Bolivia, in the Omasuyos province, in 1985 on October 27, Rosmery Mamani Ventura is a Bolivian painter. Her work shows a lot of details and her portrait painting is very realistic.

Rosemery belongs to Cajiata town sitting on the Lake Titicaca shores. She lived here until 1998 in a very small community that had only 100 families. She worked until fourteen years old and then moved to El Alto city, on the La Paz heights, the Bolivia political capital. In the city of El Alto and the community, she dedicated to portraying people around him and showed instinctive talent for drawing.

She finished her high school studies in the El Alto city, and enrolled in the same city at the Public University to study Auditing. She decided to leave the career in 2005 and took up to artistic training at the Municipal school of arts.

Initially, she did not have money and painted her pictures with Bs 2. At 16, de Julio Fair I got here recycled materials 50 cents costing a piece of chalk, wood paper Bs 1 and she started with her first portrait painting.

On finishing studies in 2009 at the El Alto School of Arts, she started her professional career exhibiting individually and collectively in the most important galleries and museums in Bolivia, such as the National Museum of Art, Galería Nota and Galería Manzana Uno, Museum of Contemporary Art Plaza, and many cultural centers in the main cities of the country.

Rosmery in Bolivia is now an important exponent of the watercolor technique, despite the fact that here preferred technique is pastel painting.

Rosmery is been consolidating and presenting herself as a great portraitist, though her works also represents harsh social themes. She is becoming the representative of hyperrealism in her country. Her works represent high-realism portraits of Aymara and Afro-Bolivian people.  there are rural and urban landscapes as her works, but to a lesser extent, although it is used for portraits in a frame or for environment daily activities.

In 2015 she presented a series of three-dimensional mixed media objects, presenting a combination of painting and sculpture, capturing everyday objects and impossible situations. She is successful in getting the attention of audiovisual and written media; she also won several national painting competitions. She also receives coverage in national broadcast, revealing her experiences and youth value. She is in important magazines such as Domingo, Esquina, and Vanidades, and many more devoted extensive and intensive ones.

The artist, Mamani Ventura acknowledges her admiration for her teacher, Ricardo Pérez Alcalá, and for the work of painters such as Rembrandt, Vicente Romero, Lucian Freud, Alyssa Monks, Mary Cassatt, and Remedios Varo.

Mamani Ventura at 14 migrated from her rural Aymara indigenous community to the city of El Alto and worked as a maid, a move that brought struggle and excitement. She is the rising star having intense connection with the people living in the society and works of detailed pastel portraits.

Speaking about her childhood, Mamani Ventura liked her cows and sheep, liked fishing in the lake, catching trout and pejerrey that her mom sold in the city. Until 14 she had a country life and then migrated to city. She did all types of domestic work as maids and other jobs. Once she got on a bus and saw the Ceja city lights, air force plane and wished to discover the great world.

She gives a lot of importance to teachers. She found the moments amazing when in her first class she did a pastel portrait and she was excited to do her portraits homework assignment. She did not receive good support from her family to continue with arts. But, she went to art school to complete her painting study and does not regret that decision, because she did that she loved in life. She says it is not a job for her; it is her love, dedication, and passion of her life. Now here parents and family keep saying everywhere about me as an artist.

Mamani Ventura likes portraiture as she feels it is a direct way to feel that person gazing at you and it is not the same with a landscape. She says the portrait drawing offers a direct contact with the viewer that she loves drawing children, elderly people, and women.

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