New Year Rangoli Design 2022
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20 Beauitful New Year Rangoli Designs-“Happy New Year-2022”

Happiness and joy always brings a pleasant feeling and New Year is one such thing. It is welcomed with a New Year Rangoli Design. Regardless of the past year going bad or good, every one waits for the arrival of a New Yea, hoping it brings a better year than the earlier year.

Indians celebrate it in a traditional manner and must-do things that add fervor to the joyous occasion include first drawing a Rangoli design on the New Year. In fact, it is drawn on the before night such as on 31 December, so that they open their eyes to a new dawn and a decorated Rangoli. The must-do list includes visiting temple after bath, touching parent’s feet, and decorating house with flowers.

The New Year Rangoli Design is not themed like the Ganesh Rangoli, Diwali Rangoli, etc. It can be anything, simple or elaborate, working as the New Year design. It can be a creative or geometric design. Adding more elements to the design enhances the rangoli design. You can choose fresh flower petals or rangoli powder, or a combination of both. There are different colors of fresh flower petals that look pretty.

New Year brings hope and giving a rangoli light design looks perfect giving an indication of bringing new light. Adding flower signify New Year freshness. There are detailed and simple rangoli designs. Show your creative side and make different shapes and figures in the designs and you can also add abstract ideas to make a New Year design. Incorporating the devotional side into the design is also a beautiful New Year Rangoli design.

Brightening up festival celebrations is believed to bring good lunck and Rangoli is the focus. Rangoli patterns are created on the floor and they are done using paints, colored powders, colored rice, colored sand, or flowers.

Rangoli is a traditional art form welcoming good luck. Over the years the popularity of rangoli remains unaffected. Rangoli is a most popular activity all over India and many rangoli competitions are held. It represents a spiritual distribution of colors, showering good luck. The designs of rangoli maintain symmetry like a yang and yin symbol or a swastika. There are symmetrical designs that are a symbol of luck, prosperity, and growth.

This is a traditional art form that shows a modern transition that it appears at several rangoli competitions. It is an art to create awareness and to communicate a social message on the social issues. Rangoli designs are age-old belief. The designs of New Year Rangoli design looks complicated. It is the negativity in the air that gets mixed in the rangoli design complexity.Rangolis prevent negativity and absorb evil from harming us. They remind us to think and act positively. Diwali is to overcome darkness and to lead a better life.

#1 Colorful New Year Rangoli Design

#2 Dotted Kolam Design New Year Rangoli 2022


#4 Colorful Rangoli


















#1 Easy and Attractive New Year Rangoli Design 2022

#2 Beautiful New Year 2022 Dotted Kolam Design

#3 Happy New Year 2022 Kolam Design

#4 Happy New Year 2022 Rangoli Designs

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