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20 Beautiful Handmade Glass Painting Mugs by Vitrazee

Glass Painting: Kyiv, Ukraine, Vita of Vitraaze is a glass painter decorating mugs, teapots, glassware, and plates using heat-set paint. Vita said, she loved painting since childhood, said she never studied hand painted glass mug to paint and painted only for fun with her sister. As a student, she read about glass painting and decided trying it out. She took out a glass bottle and bought for her glass some
special paint from the nearest shop. She created a simple design, and did not look nice.

The biggest point is though the design did not look nice, she was not discouraged. She tried to get it perfect and worked on glass painting towards improvement. She kept on working for 6 years. The artist found inspiration in nature. She loved the natural world motifs that were on the décor pieces and tableware.

Websites such as Etsy and Redbubble are specialized platforms for graphic designers, painters,
and craftspeople all over to distribute and communicate creations about the form or shape. The
internet is the definitive go-to place for artists as it is expressive.

This Ukrainian glass-painting artist Vita produces teapots and mugs and it is a way of brightening up the teatime in the morning. Her each vibrant piece features a non-toxic paint and it is hand painted. It is heat-set on the designs that even after washing the hand painted glass mug, the painting remains. It has seasonal motifs to floral designs, making each piece a functional art piece.

Vita loves the idea of creating something useful and beautiful. Her works shower positive energy and many smiles into lives. The portfolio of the artist ahs colorful glassware features in a range of designs. It is inspired by natures featuring a pumpkin patch mug or a butterfly-themed teapot. It also has abstract things such as rainbow-themed tea set emitting dappled patterns in sunlight. The distinct style of painting by Vita is apparent in each glass, mug, and teapot looking like a stained-glass art piece for your kitchen.

The glassware is bright-colored, and make wonderful pieces of delight, pleasing the eyes and brightens the day. It has detailed drawings and vibrant floral patterns complementing the transparent glass that merges to form real masterpieces. Vita, is the mastermind for these masterpieces. She paints on plates, teapots and other glassware various designs and sets the paint
using heat-set.

Vita makes interesting items from mugs to chinaware to pretty Christmas ornaments. Get some personalized gift for Mothers Day. Get to see the flawless execution and creativity of hand painted glass mugs. Vita’s Etsy page has more than 500 unique items; it has highly colorful and intricate stained glass designs. You can check for her work and find your favorite pieces.

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