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15 Beautiful Portrait Color Pencil Drawings by Murilo Rossi

Murilo Rossi is 19 years old, Civil Engineering student. He is a self-taught artist and also works on commission. Color pencil drawing is experiencing appreciation and taking the drawing to a new level. It shows how innovative and fresh the color of pencil art can be.

The versatility of the drawing using color pencil is fun art. The color pencil drawing is regarded with respect and is gaining recognition among galleries, artists, and collectors. Exploring creative potential helps the art collectors and enthusiasts marvel at the output of color pencil drawing.

Using colored pencils offer a familiarity degree as everyone uses it as a kid. However, there is a huge difference between the color pencils used in childhood and the artist grade colored pencils. Professional color pencils of artist quality contain wax and pigment of high degree. These pencils allow deep, rich, and luminescent color to be a part of the finished drawings that it appears to be smooth and resemble paintings.

The color pencils of artist-quality are light-resistant. They are sharpened to get exquisite detail. The colors are blended in different combinations to get more tints, shades, and hues. Color pencil drawing presents the depth of colors and luminosity.

#1 Portrait Drawing Taylor Swift

#2 Color Pencil  Drawing Ariana Grande

#3 Color Pencil Drawing Medelyn Cline

#4 Portrait Drawing Wonder Woman

#5 Portrait Drawing Ester Exposito

#6 Portrait Drawing Billie Eillish

#7 Portrait Drawing Guzman

#8 Portrait Drawing Patrick

#9 Portrait Drawing Draco Malfoy

#10 Portrait Drawing Anne

#11 Portrait Drawing Scarlett Johansson

#12 Portrait Drawing Selena Gomez

#13 Portrait Drawing Danna Paola

#14 Portrait Drawing Dove Cameron

#15 Portrait Drawing Anitta

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