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10 Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings by Alexandra Zeres

Color Pencil Drawings: Alexandra Zeres is from Transylvania, Romania. She says her town is small and there are absolutely no art stores. She buys all her art supplies online and at times it is frustrating. However, her quiet neighborhood that allows her to concentrate in her work.

Alexandra Zeres has been using color pencil for drawing most of his life. All her drawing and painting is right from the kindergarten age, where she did nothing else but for drawing. Her class teacher found her skills highly impressive.

Alexandra Zeres was just 4 years, yet her drawings were much beyond her age. After growing up, she took to a few drawings, but not seriously. The lack of seriousness was because she had the constraint of finding quality materials in the market.

Alexandra says even during her college days, there was a 120 wooden box set with colored Polychromos pencils and it is beyond affordability. Fortunately, it came as a gift after few years. It was the time she began and there was the creation of more realistic and professional artworks. It is since then, the improvement caught up with pace.

Alexandra says she practiced a lot to advance her skills. She says there is no special secret about my knowledge to explain, and really there is nothing as to share. It is practice and patience that has paid and on using quality art supplies it will give the expected touch in the drawing and the results are sure to good. She watches YouTube tutorials and follower her preferred artists on Instagram, paid attention to the way they did their work. She did not just copy them; Alexendra tested her own ideas and moved ahead. She bought a few art books, but now everything is found online, so there is no need to look for other information sources.

She has a small desk to work and prefers working under natural light. Though, it is a bit tough at times. She hopes for betterment in her work style. Her inspiration are the hard working, regardless of where they work, even field workers, athletes, astronauts, scientists, painters, or mathematicians. She strongly believes that hard working and passionate people are her motivation and huge inspiration to improve and excel in taking her career in art ahead.

She is happy now that she is with the Instagram artist’s community. It has opened new doors and is making new friends sharing the same passion. It was pleasing as companies also contacted her that she never had dreamt about and now she is in contact with the. She says it is nice to receive praises on work and it brightens the mood of a person. She also loves helping and gives all sort of advice on art techniques and supplies.

Alexandra loves drawing realistic portraits and does not mind small imperfections. She says mistakes are easy to fix and even if it is not possible, there is always a room to improve by starting over fresh. She does not believe in pleasing anyone. It is her hobby and she is not wishing to sell her work.

Her work is her hobby and she enjoys a lot. She always is creating something and she thinks she is best as an artist. She watches art documentary and is trying to find a style representing her and reflecting her personality. It is the reason she is experimenting different subjects and styles. No matter, whatever it takes, she keeps practicing her at and keeps going closer to the goal.

Color Pencil Drawings

Color Pencil Drawing Woman by Alexandra Zeres
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Color Pencil Drawing Woman by Alexandra Zeres

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