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20 Beautiful Color Pencil Drawing by Nikolas Kuhlen

A wild life art from Frankfurt, Germany is Nikolas Kuhlen. He is an avid birdwatcher and his passion is nature, where birds are his favorite subject. He brings the environment beauty into paper into our daily lives. Thus, increases the awareness of the endangerment and fragility that needs to be preserved and protected.

His medium is the colored pencils that allow him to work precisely to create long-lasting and high-quality images. He works on his inspirations and photo templates that he gets in his environment or while traveling.

He also accepts commissioned work and loves fulfilling his customer’s special wishes.  In his shop, you will can find professional art prints and original drawings. In addition to many birds, he has various motifs and animals. All his works are hand-signed and sent in secure packaging.

Endangered Bird Species

One of the endangered bird is the Blue-eyed Dove ( Columbina Cyanopis), a bird endemic to Brazil, is in the danger of extinction. This blue-throated macaw is from Bolivia and is in the list of endangered birds.

In his series on endangered bird species, he dedicates to rare birds threatened with extinction. He tries to raise awareness and to donate a portion of his proceeds around 20% to projects and organizations that are dedicated in protecting these species. He encloses the respective bird’s information card with pa print and original copy.

His Color Pencil Drawing is special and he uses the colored pencils for long-lasting and detailed artwork. His art prints are on high quality paper and bears professional links. They are in excellent quality and his work assures durability.

Nikolas Kuhlen Arts

#1 The Black Stork

#2 Hoopee

#3 Marquesan Kingfisher

#4 Bullfinch Couple

#5 Humming Bird

#6 Crimson Breasted Shrike

#7 Starling

#8 European Crested Tit

#9 Eurasian Golden Oriole

#10 American Kestrel

#11 Common Rosefinch


#13 European Green Woodpecker




#17 Owl


#19 Elephant

#20 Butterfly

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