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Beautiful 3D Model Character Designs by Olya Anufrieva

3D Model: Olya Anufrieva is a modeler/sculptor character. She is from Voronezh, Russia having industry experience of 10 years. Olya initiated her life as a Computer Graphics designer and her ardor was to develop into a 3D dimensional artist. Olya adopts her models from movies, cartoons, and games. The characters of her gaming are ferocious and fierce in their attire. Her models are
cutely overloaded.

The beauty of her 3D models is that she uses dyna meshing and poly paint to give a finished and smooth surface to her models. She uses software tools such as Marmoset Tool bag, Zbrush, Maya, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop, 3D Coat, Vray Ormatirx Maya, and Maya to get the glassy look on her models. She works with Marmoset Toolbag and Zbrush.

3D Model Character Design Woman by Olya Anufrieva
Image Credit: Olya Anufrieva
3D Model Character Design Woman by Olya Anufrieva
Image Credit: Olya Anufrieva

Olya Anufrieva is a teacher teaching English and Korean cultures and languages in the Russian State Social University. Olya competed in Ewha Woman’s University (South Korea) MA in Korean culture. Olya loves teaching and believes it is the best way for teachers and students to get along with each other and to learn during this exciting process. She encourages her students to show curiosity and to delve into their passion in learning and pursuing their ideas.

Olya explores other cultures and lifestyles as she keeps traveling. She is fond of modern art and cinema. She believes strongly that ISM offers her the best opportunity to meet teachers and students from the world. As a professional in the education field, she is happy to meet and learn from more people.

3D Model Character Design Crown Princess by Olya Anufrieva
Image Credit: Olya Anufrieva

Olya was studying and was aspiring to work as a programmer in a company that is developing games. She tried her best but was not selected in the game development company in her city. Her dream of working for the game development was not fulfilled. She was upset and tense. She studied for more than 72 hours and submitted her pictures. They did not find it impressive.

However, Olya was not ready to give up; she showed them her work, wrote to the company and insisted she want to join them. The company became tired to carry on with my persistence and took her to work. They first accepted her working remotely and then to the office and thus Olya started her life in CG.

3D Model Character Design Girl by Olya Anufrieva
Image Credit: Olya Anufrieva

Olya’s inspirations were the 2D and 3D artists. She kept on going through different work galleries and had sleepless nights. Now that they gave her an opportunity, she wanted to prove herself. She sought her inspiration from cartoons, movies, and computer games. Her typical working day was discussion of tasks with art director and she did a lot of work. Olya says doing lot of work keeps you motivated and it is also the place to learn something new, and it is a great opportunity to create characters.

3D Model Character Design Vampire by Olya Anufrieva
Image Credit: Olya Anufrieva

Olya loves watching movies, playing video games or riding bicycle, besides CGI/3D. She loves reading science books and love knowing about the universe structure and the space. She loves listening to games soundtracks while working, such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, NieR: Automata, Assassin’s Creed, etc. Olya does not stop here; she is into a continuous learning procedure. Olya wishes to garner respect for her work from peers by presenting powerful work in her galleries, portfolios, and online challenges. She offers diversification to her collection.

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