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10 Watch the Auroral Displays through Louis Charles Buyck Photographs

Auroral Display: Louis-Charles Buyck is a model, photographer from the Finland region. His instagram reveals his true self as it is filled with magical pictures of the Arctic region that is all over Norway, Finland, and Iceland. It has beautiful forests, lakes, sunsets, and the aurora borealis dancing lights.

Louis- Charles captures the beauty of different four seasons in pictures and presents the emotion and magic of each season that presents the islands different each time. There is inclusion of spectacular images from the Arctic breathtaking region for the entertainment and it offers the best understanding of this process.

Aurora Borealis refers to sunrise and wind in Greek. The Romans associated with a belief that a new day was an Aurora and linked it to the Northern lights, referring it as the goddess of dawn. Louis-Charles Buyck likes to get out of the comfort zone and to take breathtaking natural phenomena pictures.

Louis Charles Buyck is a photographer, Swedish-French living in Lapland, the Finland’s northernmost region. The area is prominent for its midnight sun and the northern lights natural phenomena, besides the subarctic wilderness. It is an ideal place to fulfill the imagination and anticipation of photoshoot for Louis-Charles.

Louis-Charles Buyck refers himself to be an aurora hunter. He is fascinated by the aurora northern lights, right from the day 1 he began his working career as a tour guide. He practiced a lot to handle the lens and camera and understood an aurora hunter lifestyle that requires him to stay up all night to see magical lights.

Hunting northern lights is a hobby for Louis Charles Buyck. It is a pleasure to enjoy the wild and to freeze for some time, enjoy the nature quietness and the sky immensity. The activity of aurora is cyclic. The peak is in the north in winter and it is the best season to view lights. The darkness is for longer periods and the clear night’s frequency provides several opportunities to watch auroral displays. The best time is the clear nights to watch for auroral displays.

Auroral Display Lights Photograph

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