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f color pencil zeres
Color Pencil Drawings: Alexandra Zeres is from Transylvania, Romania. She says her town is small and there are absolutely no art stores. She buys all her art supplies online and at times it is frustrating. However, her quiet neighborhood that allows her to concentrate in her work. Alexandra Zeres has ...
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f pen drawings paulus
Realistic Pen Drawings: Artist Paulus Architect uses ballpoint pens the ordinary blue ones and creates hyper realistic pen drawings. The most admirable factor is the way he uses his blue ball point and brings a sparkle to the eyes of his people in his drawings. His work is incredible. There ...
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f creative drawings pietro
Creative Drawing: Pietro Cataudella is a 29 year old Italian artist. He is a graphic designer, content creator and illustrator living in Pisa, Italy. Pietro Cataudella did not study illustration, art or architecture. He is not any degree holder in geology. He acquired the skills all by himself. The beauty ...
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f watercolor painting liam
Liam Kumawat is a 9th std school student. He wishes to pursue his academics and professional career in watercolor painting. He loves nature creatures and nature. Liam in his preschool days found his favorite time was when he could draw and paint. As he grew up, the love for painting ...
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f photo manipulation marcel 1
Photo Manipulation: Marcel Van Luit was born and raised in a city Groningen, in the Netherlands, northern part. He studied aiming to become a teacher, but even before he began his career in art, he worked as a social worker. His journey started before five years in a very different ...
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f digital caricature xi ding
Xi Ding is a freelance illustrator, living in Vienna, Austria. He is a digital caricature artist and a character face designer. Xi Ding is specialized in drawing live quick caricature. Xi Ding was born in China. He moved in his 20’s to Vienna, Austria, and lives there since then working ...
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