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15 Astounding Works of Art Installation by Damien Steven Hirst

An English artist, Damien Steven Hirst is an art collector and an entrepreneur. Born on 7th  June 1965, Damien Hirst is known for his art installation, conceptual art, paintings, and sculpture. He is one of the young British artists dominating in the UK the art scene during 1990s. He was the UK’s richest living artist that is name appeared in the Sunday Times 2020 Rich List, estimating at $384 million his wealth.

He is a successful and controversial artist. He emerged in the late 1980s and 1990s as a leading figure in the Young British Artists Movement. His works include spin-art paintings and dead animal displays that he sold for very high prices.

His controversial and famous works of Damien Hirst includes the Miraculous Journey that he did in 2018. It was a series of 14 sculptures and was established in Doha, Qatar outside a women’s hospital. It depicted the different stages of the human fetus development.

Miraculous Journey refers to the seeds formation in the mother’s womb to babies. The baby bronze sculptures are big and have womb, uterus sculptures and the babies in bronze. The idea of Miraculous journey started in 2005 and took 3 years to complete the sculptures. The bronze sculptures are in the height of 5 to 11 meters and the whole structure is 216 metric tons weight.

However, the sculptures were undercover due to negative criticism for some years. These sculptures were cast individually at pangolin Foundry over 500 panels in the UK before it was sent to Qatar. The sculptures scale required welding of 19 kilometers at the foundry to stitch the panels together and Pangolin also describes it as the largest project till date.

Art installation or Installation artworks occupy a gallery space or an entire room that any spectator must walk through to engage with the artwork. Generally, the art installation describes the artwork in three-dimensional interior space. The installation art inverts the sculpture principles, whereas it is designed to be viewed from outside. It features arrangement of forms and envelop the spectators in the workspace.

Bronze is the popular metal used for cast metal sculptures. It is used for status in groups or single, an also for figurines and statuettes. As art installation is an artwork that audience must walk over, walk on, walk under, walk through or wall around. It should not be that people could walk by. An art installation offers the spectators a different experience from the traditional sculpture or painting.

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