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15 Hamed Khan Haidari Reveal Bubbling Inspiration through his Animal Logos

Hamed Khan Haidari is a passionate animal logo designer. He worked earlier as a full-time IT and tech professional. He shifted from the technical side to a full-time logo designer. His logos are effortless and minimal, yet they look serene and modern.

Hamed Khan Haidari’s works speak for him. He is an inspiring professional creating the simplest logo versions. His journey began with his love for drawing. Right from his childhood he was creative. Around 2005, he began using digital mediums of expression such as Photoshop. He pursued it as a hobby until 2017 and starter teaching him that he proudly says he is a self-taught designer.

Hamed Khan Haidari uses golden ratio in his design and keeps the design simple featuring geometry and proper dimensions. It is appealing to the eye and is easy to draw using memory. He says log is uncomplicated and basic that it remains in the memory.

His logos are primarily animals inspired, but he also gives monograms and other types of logos revealing everyday life inspiration, the movies, internet, literature, and the city. He retains the entire value and does not miss out on any expression. The logos are minimal and they do not appear complicated. He says logo design evolves from simple and minimal to sophisticate.

Hamed says open-mindedness is a must-have quality for any artist. There is a need to be a good listener and speaker. The need to have a bubbling inspiration to try new things and drive into new passion is vital. You should love that you do. He believes that when you enjoy doing something, there is no need to hunt for inspiration; it comes effortlessly. He says success is a must to market your work and so demonstrating to the clients your logo in such a way is crucial that they should choose you. Flourishing as a logo designer requires one to think like both, as a businessman and an entrepreneur.

Hamed Khans all time favorite are the one with animals and he keeps displaying them in innovative ways. He agrees that becoming experts involves a lot of trials and errors by the time one comes with minimal brilliant ideas. He agrees that he creates some works within 5 minutes and it is a result of years of practice. He says, he is working on a tigers face, he says it is clean and simple, though sophisticated.

For Hamed his day starts with a cup of coffee and ends when he picks his children fromPreschool. He spends time with his family and children and loves staying active during day time. He plans his days in advance. He says this is a creative field and is volatile. He says, he moves away from the desk while he is creating blocks and does regular activities such as book reading, listening to music or walking, thereby revitalizes and sets his fresh mood to work.

Hamed loves to continue with is animal logo design passion and to work with full zeal. He strongly believes in living and doing something you love. There should be no room for excuses, and if so, change and try something that you like and enjoy.

Animal Logo Design-Hamed Khan Haidari

#1 Logo Design Swan

#2 Logo Design Rabbit

#3 Logo Design Parrot

#4 Logo Design Reindeer

#5 Logo Design Tiger

#6 Logo Design Yak

#7 Logo Design Gorilla

#8 Logo Design Flamingo

#9 Logo Design Bull

#10 Logo Design Fox

#11 Logo Design Deer

#12 Logo Design Blue Whale



#15 Logo Design Eagle

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