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20 Amazingly Realistic Body Painting Art by Vitani4000

Vitani, a 32-year old Norwegian living in England with her husband and their daughter loves creating and watching art. She says she dived into the body painting art in 2018 September and it made life colorful and fun.

Artists in the modern days wish to take their creativity beyond the canvas. They wish to leverage their creativity and it resulted in body painting artwork. Vitani uses human body to express her art and gives fine detailing, importance to colors and adds beauty to her creativity in the three dimensional style.

Body painting art is unique and it accomplishes beautiful connection with human emotions. Vitani says art comes in unthinkable and in many controversial forms. Among all these, topping is the body painting art. It is a modern outline that represents painting appreciation and self-expression.

Vitani4000 transforms her imaginations into visual reality with her beautiful paintings, Body painting lasts for a few hours and it is not permanent as tattoo. For Vitani, art is an expression and the body is used as canvass for painting. So she says the subjects must be chosen carefully as it leads you to a different world.

Body painting art gives the opportunity to express creativity without the tattoos permanence. Body painting is an art form that is conceptualized and sounds complicated, but when you are into this art one is sure to marvel this art passion. The creativity of an artist and the willingness towards the body painting art concept matters a lot to bring out the artwork wholeness and the true meaning.

Halloween Body Painting Art-Vitani4000










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