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Amazing Wood Carving Artworks Of-Holy Place Mecca by Mahajati Art

Wood Carving Artwork: Mohammad Mohdar Anwar became interested in Islamic Woodcarving as he was looking to gift his mother on her birthday some unique gift. He was captivated by the calligraphic art beauty that the artisans produced for their homes by hand. He recalls he found something special in those artisans producing raw wood sculpture with framing and neat finish. He was magnetized with Ayatul Kursi raw wood sculpture. The artisan’s collaboration led Anwar to form a dedicated company to preserve a dwindling trade, making the art accessible to people appreciating it.

The woodcarving art is a dying tradition, laments Mahajati. He says most artists are of 45 years and some are Hafiz Quran and Imam from the neighboring mosques. Preserving this art and promoting the Islam beauty is present in the calligraphy work to create delicate and intricate layers using three-dimensional pieces. The other calligraphy works merge with decoration such as leaves and flowers, while some pieces act as city spaces maps.

Mahajatis main collections for sale include incense burners, mubkhars, and wall pieces that are fully or partially 3 featuring a flat back. Mahajatis greatest achievement that received global attention is the Makkah al-Mukarramah or the Mecca in a large-scale model. The process of this photo shows artisans working with unusual angles at an impressive scale. They peel off a single wood piece. It has rough textures and detailed façade work across the surfaces that made the piece outstanding. It allowed showcasing a range of methods used in completing the composition.

The model of the Mecca gives the evidence of this traditional art and long history. The art form is not static. The work is changing an improving with unique and intricate pieces. The artisans are devoting time to explore and learn. They are finding voice to reveal their ideas and emotions through colors, shapes, and wood textures. The founder of Mahajati says every piece is an art; it has its own meaning, identity, and purpose.

Mahajati has now formed a way to preserve the Islamic wood carving art as it is dwindling. He is doing it by making this art accessible to more people appreciating it. His works mostly focuses on calligraphy and some of his pieces feature flowers and leaves decoration. Mahajati achieved global attention from a large-scale model of Mecca across the art sites. Buildings with detailed façade work also seem to peel off with a single wood piece.

Mahajati says it is not mere wall art. Each piece purchased by people is not a simple art piece, but it is its identity carrying a meaning and defined purpose. His intricate wood carvings aim to support the craft of the wood carvings. It supports the wood craft and the artisan’s process is fascinating. The details in the wood carving is fine and intricate showing the hard work and care taken to complete each piece. This art of wood carving is done aiming to keep the art form alive.

Wood Carving Artwork

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