Sunset Photography
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15 Amazing Sunset Photography Tips and Examples For Your Inspiration

Sunset Photography is a beautiful way of showing off photography skills of taking landscape photos. With sunset photos, the blessing is with nature. It will do most of the work, but a few factors make the photography challenging.

People looking to have splendid sunset photography may improve with these helpful tips. It helps in capturing the best sunset photos, creating a pro-level balanced sunset tone.

Tips to get the best sunset photography

  • Plan ahead to get best shots. Choose the right place two days before you plan to shoot. Find suitable locations, include foreground silhouettes and elements. Sunset photography does not take much time, so arrive half an hour early and the real magic takes place, capture it. Take the right equipment, lenses ranging with focal lengths, a tripod, and extra batteries.
  • Shoot at various focal lengths. Mostly wide-angle lenses ensure beautiful images. Zoom right in with a wide-angle lens, and to highlight the sun, zoom with a 200mm lens or even longer. Let the horizon stay in the photo center.
  • Often consider the bracket. First use the suggested settings of your camera. Adjust the settings and if recommended by the camera shoot at f/8, second shout at f/5.6 and at f/11. You will get a standard, darker, and brighter shot. Slightly underexposing will ensure the sunset colors look defined and rich. Select fast shutter speed using manual mode and shoot aperture priority. Setting to f/22 will make the sun rays more clear.
  • Get off auto white balance. Set the colors temperature. Do not set to white balance auto and automatically your camera will deal it. Set to ‘shade’ to get golden tones of the sunset.
  • Without fail carry a tripod. It keeps your camera stable. A tripod is necessary when the sun sinks. Shoot more and capture landscape, portrait and macro shots.
  • Stay longer. Do not hurry as the sky appears up with color even after the sun goes below the horizon. The color will stay for 25 minutes and it is really beautiful as the second sunset.
  • Wait for ideal conditions. Consider shooting when the conditions are ideal and the right clouds are floating. Partly cloudy day featuring spotty clouds are the ideal conditions. Look for objects reflecting sunset colors; it may a still water body, a car windshield or a building.


  • Take off the sunglasses as the LCD will appear dark. It is common to forget about the sunglasses.
  • You get best sunsets on a rainy day evening. If the clouds begin to break up around
    sunset, just head out with your camera, you will get the best sunset photography.
  • Use little flash and for large sunset look, use telephoto lens. Use wide-angle lens to get small size of sun.
  • Change the picture style. Watch for birds and add to a landscape. The sunset icon mode is an automatic mode, do not get tricked. It will snap your creative side.
  • Clean the sensor and lens, use neutral density filter for the camera to expose the landscape and get enough light.

Finally, do not pack as the sun goes down. Always, the blue hour is beautiful for sunset photography. It is the period after sun disappears that spreads ethereal light and beautiful colors.

Sunset Photography

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