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20 Amazing Illustrations from Photo to Cartoon Drawings by Rudi

Cartoon Drawings: Rudi was born on 10th February, 1997 in Indonesia. He is well-known as an Illustrator. He is known for his artist work and illustration. It includes his sketchwork including character designs, portraits, and cartoons. He shares his illustration works, in traditional sketches to his followers through Instagram.

Rudi is 22 years old. He started sharing through Instagram his illustration works in September 2017. He earns being a successful Illustrator. He is a talented artist who has the skills of turning any ordinary photo into sketches that look as though they come alive from a comic book. The artist draws various anime style characters and all of his drawings are cute and beautiful.

Rudi’s Instagram is flooded with followers and his works is appreciated by many people. This Indonesian artist draws people and pets, but everything takes into cartoon portraits on anime characters. Rudi is an Illustrator showing people how they will look if they are portrayed as a character of some comic book. He makes the stars of a story and relates everything to his anime characters. He has an impressive way of drawing in black and white. It includes the re-imagined people into cartoon anime style characters.

He indulges himself into drawing in a natural way. Later works to match the features and the characters of each of his drawing. He determines the anime characters to give the cartoon features. Bringing out simple drawing into anime illustration is his passion and style. This is the reason he displays anime characters of any normal drawing.

The cartoon drawings are detailed. It depicts men, women, babies, couples, and cats in varying poses. The portrait photography shots include detailed backgrounds or props. All these are included exactly in his drawings. He does not change the appearance. The selected pieces he takes to give character designs. It is diverse and he takes time to select the cartoons that is in white and black shading.

The talent of Rudi is noticeable that he transforms the black and white cartoon into a vibrant image of anime character bursting with color. His cool drawings take a new form coming in high colors.

There is real skill bringing realistic portraits and characters of the cartoon and using the Photoshop the illustrated effect is given. Rudi says transforming a real photograph into cartoon illustrated graphic is a technique and skill. The filters of Photoshop play a vital role in outlining the edges, smoothing the details and creating shading effects, thereby achieving a colorful art style.

Converting any drawing implies giving the effect in a proper direction. It is an appearance that has the cell-shaded effect as the comic illustrations. There are lots to choose that to set the edge. There is array of shapes forming the image shadows and Rudi ensures it is the best. Rudi works on his cartoon illustration until the effect is clear in its outlines, shading and vibrant colors. He checks with each update to bring out the anime character to life and to give the same effect.

Photo To Cartoon Drawings


To know more about visit: YouTube | Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rudi10297/


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