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20 Amazing beyond Anticipation Photo Manipulation Works by Anil Saxena

Mumbai based Anil Saxena creates amazing photo manipulations. He does it using Photoshop and his surreal photos are certain to amaze viewers. Anil did conventional darkroom photocomposition and retouching. Later, he began moving to these skills on Photoshop. He is a true perfectionist and says, “If the image is a success, while my work goes unnoticed, I’m doing my job well.”

Anil Saxena is different. He has an eye to create striking imagery. He draws taking into his technical background in CGI, graphic design, and his creative trained eye. He enjoys developing stunning imagery and believes color grading is most important. His real work according to him starts when the humans viewing the image find it just perfect.

The Photoshop photo manipulation, retouching, and photo editing is not a job, it is his passion. As a digital artist, he loves photo editing. However, you can find artist all around and millions of photo manipulations, only some manipulations are breathtaking or mind blowing. The art of photomanipulation is gaining the attention of people so that it is not too heavy and has creativity with sharpness and the look-at-me colors.

This Indian photographer from Mumbai presents realistic manipulation artworks. It is his passion that he learnt these techniques. He says going through photo manipulation tutorials, will teach making incredible eye-catching effects and photos.

Creative Photo Manipulation – Anil Saxena

#1 Eating Noodles

#2 Playing

#3 Pyramid

#4 Cycling

#5 Dream

#6 Playing

#7 Memories Of Outdoor

#8 Street Traveller

#9 Night Beginning

#10 Painting Giraffe

#11 Collecting Stars

#12 Under Makeover

#13 Musical Journey

#14 Dedication

#15 Castaway On The Moon

#16 Once Upon A Time

#17 Laundry Sail

#18 Be A Optimist Dreamer

#19 Chill Out

#20 Sailing

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