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A Talented Clay Sculptor Nikkanett creates Amazing Miniature Sculptures

Do you love watching miniature things? Ukrainian user, Nikkanett is a master of miniature models. He makes super realistic miniature fruits and vegetables that everything appears cute. Especially the clay sculptures of Nikkanett look adorable. Nikanett Instagram is full of images.

He is a talented sculptor creating amazing miniature sculptures of fruits that they look real. The display of miniature fruits is in a variety and they are in clay. They look appealing and his work
with real fruits looks so natural that you cannot tell the difference. It is certainly advanced clay modeling.

With the autumn beginning, the summer heat is high and is the time there are more fruits available. However, the miniature clay fruits of Nikkanett are so real that one is tempted to eat the fruits. They look lovely and realistic fruits in clay.

Nikkanett’s clay art works includes oranges, bananas, grapes, watermelons or peaches, are small things, and they are amazing. Apart from the series of miniature fruits, there are many vegetables such as pumpkin, Baotou, pepper, etc in the smaller.

These are clay sculptures and not food for the elves. Are you fond of such miniature clay works?

Miniature Clay Model

#1 Guava

#2 Grapes

#3 Oranges

#4 Peppers

#5 Avocado

#6 Pomegranate

#7 Pineapple


#9 Coconut

#10 Cheese

#11 Pumpkin

#12 Figs & Grapes

#13 Apple


#14 Avocado

#15 Grapes

#16 Violin

#17 Blueberry

#18 Pizza

#19 Breads&Donut

#20 Burger

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