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25 Amazing eye-pleasing patterns as Stone Art by Jon Foreman

Land artist, Jon Foreman enjoys arranging stones on the beach in eye-pleasing formations. His practice of stone art is known as ‘Sculpt the World,’ showcasing rocks patterns into swirling designs and as giant circles featuring an array of rainbow-esque hues.

Foreman says “This process is therapy to me,” The simple act of placing stones on stones in the sand is therapeutic. It is an immersive process and it is like losing himself in the work and nature, leaving behind all the day to day stresses.

Foreman lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, featuring a generous coastline. The beaches here are exceptional and he says he has not even visited half of the beaches. On reaching a beach, he spends on an average four hours to complete his creative art.

Foreman says he has no full planning about the finished piece. He comes with an idea and does not draw anything fully. He says he stays inquisitive until he completes as he also does not know how it will turn out at the end. Foreman finds the no planning work to be more creative and comforting. He is happy to do the work without any preconceived notions and is ready to experiment and develop new facets of work.

Foreman shows stone arranging featuring unexpected qualities. He has noticed that rocks change on grouping together, despite its solidity. They become malleable. Foreman says stone is not the only material, but it is his favorite and he loves working with different sizes of stones, colors of stones, shape and angled the stones are placed, and the stone direction it will be facing. Thus, there are endless possibilities.

Foreman chooses to see the beauty using material from the environment. The tide washes it all back and the next day I come back with an empty canvas to work with. He likes arranging the stones into intricate patterns.

Jon Foreman) is a creator of land art in various styles, be it with leaves or stones, inland or on beaches. He creates works in derelict environments using materials such as broken glass or ashes and general debris. He uses driftwood or stones to make something small. But, mostly immediate climate and weather make his work disappear or sometimes people interfere.

Jon Foreman uses anything big rocks to tiny pebbles and calls it “Sculpts of the World’ and beachgoers are usually surprised. He says he starts with a rough idea and then he carries on by placing the stones, one by one, and gets lost in the creative art process that his everyday life stress is completely out.

You can find his fantastic works on his website and he also sells prints.

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