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20 Amazing and Incredible Digital illustration by Yasar Vurdem

Turkey born, Yaşar Vurdem is a digital illustrator. Born in Kayseri, Turkey, on June 11, 1994, Yasar studied at FineArts Faculty Graphic Design and completed master’s degree at Art painting with thesis. He is an incredibly exciting digital illustrator. His work has made him popular and he typifies the trend for creative and realistic digital art.

Yasar Vurdem is working as a freelance artist. He worked with many models, movie starts and singers around the world. He covered Turkish artists, Melek Mosso, Cem Adrian, and Tanner Patrick, American artist. He works with big companies such as Amazon Prime and Adobe. He designed for Amazon Prime the illustration poster, Wheel of Time.

He is a digital illustrator and was using traditional techniques, and now works for the past 7-8 years on digital. He loves digital painting vibrant, surreal, and realistic digital art. Especially, he loves working on woman portraits. The beauty of his work is that he paints the mood. He gives importance to his coloring, mood, vibrance, and other details. His illustrations offer coloring beyond photography that it is very realistic. The hair strokes, skin textures are important for him. Controlling light is the key point for Yasar during his illustrations as it controls emotions.

Turkish illustrator Yaşar Vurdem, drawings were posted earlier on billboards in the USA, is now taking take part in Eilish’s concerts with his work. His, Billie Eilish illustration is prominent.  Adobe used his Billie Eilish illustration at their U.S. Billboards. It is the first piece shown in the videos of Billie Eilish illustration projected before Billie Eilish concerts (2022).

Yasar focuses on movie-fashion portraits and is highly inspired by science fiction movies and games that he loves to play with light focus. His paintings are unique and attract the attention of people from all over the globe. His interpretation on Scarlet Witch is amazing. You may see intensely the distortion effects and feel the movie effect and the character.

Yasar is a brilliant digital illustrator and has amazing illustration and drawing collection. A freelance artist and master student at Fine arts, is now working in graphic designing and digital illustration field. He creates YouTube video tutorials, says digital illustration is his life passion, and believes in hardworking and creating portraits. He is also creating illustrator brushes and video tutorials for digital artists.

#1 Billie Eilish

#2 Hoyeon Jung Chang

#3 Clouds

#4 Gigi Hadid

#5 Natalie Portman

#6 Bella Hadid

#7 Zendaya

Digital illustration Zendaya by Yaşar Vurdem
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#8 Cry

#9 Selena Gomez

#10 Butterfly

#11 Yael

#12 Hoyeon Jung Chang

#13 Wind

#14 Roses

#15 Orange

#16 Dua Lipa

#17 Roses

#18 Light

#19 Flower

#20 Rey

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