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20 Gives Life to Boring Floors and Roads Through 3D Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt

Nikolaj Arndt born in Gavrilov, Russia presents a super realistic 3D street art. He graduated from Pedagogic Artist College and moved to Germany pursuing his flair in painting in 2006. He has over 10 years of painting experience and he began exploring his creativity level. His art includes various scenes that it is similar to the sci-fi movies. The experience is thrilling to view in real the 3d street artworks. Since 2009, he participates in the 3d street art competitions anywhere and is also working as an art teacher in Germany in a private school.

Nikolaj Arndt is 36 years, born and lived until 2006 in Russia and then moved to Germany with his family and is living in the Marburg city now. He is not only an art teacher, but is also working as a designer in advertising company. He does oil paintings on canvas and on the pavement with chalk as street art.

Nikolaj Arndt began in 2009 to draw on the pavement using chalk and during common drawing festivals in Germany and first went to Geldern town for the international drawing festival on the pavement as a spectator. He liked it and decided to do it himself.

He sues chalk and pigment. The pigment is in the powder form and he uses lots of sugar and water to dilute the pigment. This is helpful as the sticky base protects his work from wind. To a picture he needs two days on an average. The time restriction depends on the festival length. In one day, he drew a shark within eight hours.

During festivals he painted the pavement with his pictures and he says the authorities did everything to help the street art and ensure the convenience of artists. The picture is kept longer by fixing a special varnish and the aim is delight the audience. He says he did oil paintings on canvas for several years and painted in portrait, still life, landscape, and other fantasy genres. He likes realistic paintings and a new genre is the 3D street art. He loves creating pictures on the pavement.

He says anybody wanting to try street art should experiment their hand. It is interesting and to give positive emotions in art to the audience is important. He says it gives him happiness to see people smiling on looking at his pictures. Nikolaj brings life to the boring floors with his 3D sidewalk impressive paintings.

Arndt has been continuously dazzling pedestrians with his art since 2009. His art entices people to interact. His works as street art are remarkable and are illustrating pieces that makes viewers interact.

3D Street Art Nikolaj Arndt

#1 Swan

#2 Greven

#3 Lions

#4 The Lion King

#5 Phython

#6 Crocodile

#7 Dinosaur

#8 Afula

#9 Orca Whale

#10 Game through the eyes of a child

#11 Wolf

#12 Panda

#13 Plane Crash

#14 Wolf


#15 Amstetten

#16 Dog

Some Other Artwork

#1 3D Wall Art Lion

#2 3D Art Leopard

#3 3d Wall Art Camel

#4 3D Wall Art Land Of The Dwarves

#5 3D Art White Tiger

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