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20 Alluring Fashion Photography and Advertising Photography by Sandrine and Michael

Sandrine Dulermo and Michael Labica are duo photographer traveling around the world living in London studio. They shoot celebrities and fashion. They style includes fashion photography and is a mix of Hitchcock movie scenes and fashion. They use cinematic sets and dramatic lighting that are playful and eerie.

Sandrine and Michael started in 2001 at a photo lab a creative collaboration. Dulermo is 13 and it was like photography was running in her veins. She skipped school to shoot with her Zenit camera her little brothers. Her first perfume campaign was at 18 followed by her solo exhibition. A former student, Labica was enticed by cinema, was at Louis-lumiere in Paris. They later became rooted in numerous advertising agencies.

The duo love that the camera offers under shadows or full light. It is over 10 years, they are experimenting aiming to reach some perspective. It is the reason they are showing concern and deep appreciation that is beautiful. They strive to make each other comfortable, play pranks by sabotaging props. They practice fashion photography within a research lab as craftsmen, challenge usual perspectives, and experiment continually to find new skills and techniques.

Working together as an association helps keeping the inspirations and aspirations going and they do not share similar idea on producing an image. However, they are also not in total opposition. It does not mean the aura between them is always in peace.

The vital advantage of working with a partner having similar thinking is the ability of developing an idea deeply. The right partnership reduces a lot of stress levels and gives confidence to launch a creative project. It may involves sketching, booking stylists, finding references, make-up, design, building story boards, lighting, and on and on.

They both are together, but one of them comes up finishing the entire project or one makes independent suggestion, and one is the strongest to work together. Sharing ideas or feelings on sets or lighting result in fights, but they are for positive reasons. It is the way of showing our advertising photography passion. At the same time with mutual respect, there is compromises.

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