Aerial Drone Photography
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20 Mesmerizing Aerial Drone Photography that are stunning shots by Dronestagram

Aerial Drone Photography: Lyon-based platform for photography, Dronestagram presents aerial photos by compiling many taken around the world. They are captured by drones and it enables viewers to see aerial drone photography faraway and familiar sites from sky-high and new perspectives.

Dronestagram teamed with esteemed Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, photography editor to transform social media innovative project into a book. This book has a selection of carefully curated striking shots revealing the wonder of the planet and showcases the beauty as captured by the cameras that are drone-borne.

Dronescapes publishing is done by the Dronestagram team was supported by National Geogrpahic to conduct the 2017 International Drone Photography Contest. It was in three categories, Nature, Urban, and People. There were awe-inspiring images and plenty of photographs.

Founded in 2013, Dronestagram is cultivating drone photographers a thriving community allowing this new photographic aesthetic to take new heights and prosper. The platform has illustrates the best and most breathtaking aerial images.

There is no need for the artists to take charter helicopter or hot air balloons for few aerial photographs. The aerial drone photography has takes over everything that the number of drone photographers getting cameras is into new astonishing positions that is never seen before.

Ranging from city skylines, beautiful landscapes to well-known monuments and popular tourist destinations, and the aerial photos collections is as diverse as the represented locations. Similarly, it appears on the Instagram page, it is published photographs and user-submitted images, such that they are an eclectic variety of artistic tastes and methods in subject matter.

The drone photography in the recent years has gained utmost popularity. Dronestagram hosts the favorite photo contest for drone photographers and videographers to discuss tricks, tips, and their work of the trade on a forum.

Recently, Dronestagram put its top 20 drone photos of 2017. The competition was fierce and limited to 20 aerial images by adding good extra measures as a check-point. Dronestagram 2017 photos reveal the elevated drone photography quality and how photographers are honing their techniques. Besides, the equipment prices are also affordable. However, with drone photography one must know the rules and regulations, and to keep public privacy intact.

There are regulations for the drone photographers to follow and so becoming highly daring with imagery is under check. The aerial drone photography has increased its focus on the relationship of man, nature, and animal, that they are improbable sometimes.

Aerial Drone Photography

#1 Dam

Aerial Drone Photography Dam by Tominspires
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Photography Credit: Tominspires

#2 Sveti Stefan Hotel

Aerial Drone Photography Sveti Stefan Hotel by Smakadron
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Photography Credit: Smakadron

#3 Concrete Jungle

Aerial Drone Photography Concrete Jungle by Bachirm
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Photography Credit: Bachirm

#4 Marigold

Aerial Drone Photography Marigold by Seksan Saowarod
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Photography Credit: Seksan Saowarod

#5 Waterlily

Aerial Drone Photography Waterlily by Helios1412
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Photography Credit: Helios1412

#6 Kefalonia Melissani Cave

Aerial Drone Photography Kefalonia Melissani Cave by Calin Stan
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Photography Credit: Calin Stan

#7 Stingray

Aerial Drone Photography Stingray by Tahitiyflyshoot
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Photography Credit: Tahitiyflyshoot

#8 Route 66

Aerial Drone Photography Route 66 by Raf Willems
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Photography Credit: Raf Willems

#9 Whale

Aerial Drone Photography Whale by Dronefilmsproject.
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Photography Credit: Dronefilmsproject.

#10 Salt Fields

Aerial Drone Photography Salt Fields by Helios1412
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Photography Credit: Helios1412

#11 Tropical Island Beach

Aerial Drone Photography Tropical Island Beach by Valentin Valkov
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Photography Credit: Valentin Valkov

#12 Crooked Street

Aerial Drone Photography Crooked Street by Dumas
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Photography Credit: Dumas

#13 Polar Bear


Aerial Drone Photography Polar Bear by Florian Ledoux
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Photography Credit: Florian Ledoux

#14 Stairway

Photography Credit: Jcourtial

#15 Dawn Mercury Tower

Aerial Drone Photography Dawn Mercury Tower by Alexey Goncharov
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Photography Credit: Alexey Goncharov

#16  Ljubljana Marshes 

Aerial Drone Photography Ljubljana Marshes by Luka Esenko
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Photography Credit: Luka Esenko

#17 St Thomas Chruch Slovenia

Aerial Drone Photography St Thomas Chruch Slovenia by Luka Esenko
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Photography Credit: Luka Esenko

#18 Sunset

Aerial Drone Photography Sunset by Limaduarte
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Photography Credit: Limaduarte

#19 Rock Of Cashel


Aerial Drone Photography Rock Of Cashel by Carrigphotos
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Photography Credit: Carrigphotos

#20 Lithunia Lakes

Aerial Drone Photography Lithunia Lakes by Hoverguard
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Photography Credit: Hoverguard

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