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15 Adorable Photograph Transformations of Ordinary into Extraordinary by Monica Carvalho Photography

A Swiss photographer, Monica Carvalho is passionate about finding similarities. From a young age, she had the fascination for magic tricks and illusionism. She admired deeply the surrealists work and liked the infinite possibilities that the photography offers.

She is born to Portuguese parents in the Switzerland, French part. Her innermost things was her love for art. Now she is in Berlin staying with her long-time boyfriend whom she met as she was studying and living in the UK.

It was the turning point for her career and she discovered Adobe Photoshop, the software for photo-editing. It allowed her to merge her imagination with the photos. The journey to make ordinary into extraordinary began since then for Monica Carvalho photography, and she wished to elevate everyday objects meanings.

One of the major aspects of her work is to use photos that she captured. Her challenge was to make artistic adventures very personal and exciting. She liked touching the objects, knowing the models, stroked the animals, played instruments, saw buildings, ate foods, and more.

The client list of Monica includes Apple, Adobe, Nike, Mixtiles, Columbia Sportswear, and Samsung.

Monica Carvalhos photo manipulations are sure to test your brains. She takes photos and on finding similarities gives colors, shapes or textures. She modifies them, such that a brown iris becomes a cake and a seagull pulls a cable car cable, etc.

In this world, everything is possible. She admits that sometimes it is shocking to know what we see and understand. However, all her photo edits are done using Photoshop.

Cavalho has great creative images to see things in a different way and through photo manipulation she brings unimaginable transformation to the photograph captured in original. She holds two degrees and speaks four languages. Her photo manipulations present her unique ability and her brilliance in creating an art that gives her utmost pleasure.

Her mind blogging images are incredibly diverse and intriguing.

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