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20 Inspiring and Admirable Paper Art by Vesna Rikic

Bosnia-based creative artist is Vesna Rikic. She came across an origami book and it inspired her attraction for paper art. She admires how a paper piece transforms into art.

Vesna explored many papers and forms of art such as origami, kusudama a complex and spherical origami art works, and paper sculptures, and she found quilling. It refers to using thin paper stripes to create different shapes in a canvas.

The handmade paper art requires careful placement of paper stripes. It calls for a lot of patience as she creates art works. She even recreates the famous painter’s works of Van Gogh, while most original pieces of hers also represent beautifully such as the world map.

She is known as the paper quilling artist as she transforms paper into many ways. It has the power to transform your views and thoughts. In fact, some talented people create masterpieces of the same medium. Transforming plain paper into amazing art of quilling paper is beautiful. Historians in ancient Egypt speculated the transformative art, but the evidence of this craft was traced in the Renaissance Era, in France and Italy. The popularity of this art was in a dip for long, but the artists kept on enjoying the quilling paper art, like Vesna Rikic.

She recalls in an interview how her deft skill and interest in quilling paper art began. She had been practicing on various paper art types such as kirigami and origami right from her childhood. Folding paper was fun and it all changed on seeing the quilled paper artwork. She was amazed by the visual impact the artwork created and pushed herself in learning the paper quilling. Thus, she created stunning quilled paper artworks later all by herself.

The quilling paper art form involves paper strips rolled, glued, and shaped together to create decorative designs. This is a traditional art and now contemporary artists are exploring possibilities to make something different using the age-old decorative art. Vesna says this paper quilling art uses meticulous techniques to recreate painting.

The pictures she created are her choice. Her quilling paper art techniques are her own feelings and imaginations. As per the design complexity, she took weeks or days to complete. The results of each of her work was luxuriant and nothing short to any painting.

Look for her amazing works on Instagram, and stay up to date knowing her latest creations.

Handmade Paper Art-Vesna Rikic

#1 Lion

#2 Charlie Chaplin

#3 Starry Knight

#4 Dario

#5 Fox

#6 Toucan

#7 Owl

#8 Heart

#9 Peacock

#10 Dance

#11 Bird

#12 Butterfly

#13 World Map

#14 Origami Paper Art


Handmade Paper

#15 Flamingo

#16 Chick

#17 Swan

#18 Squirrel

#19 Aquarium

#20 Peacock

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