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25 Admirable Glass Sculpture by Daniela Forti Reveals Her Passion

Glass Sculpture: Born in Rome, Daniela Forti, studied interior design and architecture. She moved to Tuscany and started her workshop. She collaborated with glassmakers and research light and glass. She is into glass sculpture now creating whimsical worlds giving malleable shapes, vivid colors, and with light it gets a metaphysical essence.

She was born in 1960 and she graduated from the School of Art. She studied in the artisan shops the art of glass at very young age. In 1982, after moving to Tuscany, she developed a personal research between light and glass.

She is passionate about her work, transparency, color and glass light. It is a dangerous material and hard to manipulate as it is a magical materials. The inspiration for her came looking at the glass bowlers and her dream came true.

Throughout her life, expressing artistically was the only focus for her and so she spent years learning everything around glassmaking techniques. She learnt about the Tiffany technique, leaded glass, paintings, and welding techniques. The fusion of glass melting in the oven became a part of her and there was no turning back.

It is a perpetual challenge making limits of impossible possible, it is like letting matter go fluid and becomes an element to stop. The metamorphosis is the transition moment between the solid liquid material and its double value between fragility and strength.

She says with so many years of research she understands the limits of indomitable character. The re-firing process of metal and glass, the several pieces fusion, the sanding has become her passion. Glass is demanding and cruel she says, and if you know to bend it to your desire, it is a challenge each time.

However, with glass, check the heat variations to support and keep an alert eye always. For her it is a discipline of seeing her dream. Chemistry, physics, and imagination are in action and the glass sculptures turn the preconception of the glass being rigid and cloud. They are dreamlike creations arousing a moving material vision recalling the aquatic animals undulating forms. It is for imagination to expand to admire them.

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