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20 Experimental and Abstract Chromatic Logo Designs by Martin Naumann

Chromatic Logo Design: Martin Naumann is a graphic designer/ digital artist and a multidisciplinary artist. He is based currently in Dessau, basically from Germany. His specialties are in abstract generative art and automated illustration. His expertise extends to typography, branding, and visual design. His style is explained as futuristic, though it has a strong inspiration of science and nature.

Martin Naumann is creating artworks and designs since 2015 for several brands and clients around the world. He is also working on wider spectrum such as packaging design, branding, or custom illustrations. Initially he began with graphic design and worked doing album covers or logos for the music industry artists and labels. His artistic style has now earned recognition to be colorful, bold, and vibrant, offering a scientific approach.

Martin Naumann creates their work thorugh parametric and generative design techniques and it means randomness and chaos has a crucial role in the creative process. The goal is creating visual experiences, as never before. The designer has logos well-known and transforms into a striking style, giving a chromatic treatment.

Martin Naumann has completed over 100 logos and is exploring variabilities of each technique. His aim is to create interpretation of the logo types and to deviate from brand guidelines. Martin Naumann is intelligent and employs unique visual language that he draws aesthetically from the natural and scientific world, besides digital and technological realms, offering a futuristic and experimental feel.

Currently studying at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Intergrated Design, Naumann’s visual pieces give a feel of rhythmical pattern, bringing a reminiscence of natural phenomena. It shows a refraction of light, or some miscellaneous cells in a petri dish. With many other designers, Naumann has taken 36 days challenge to explore his creativity. With metallic vibrant collection, Naumann’s heavy depiction is intriguing. There are underlying shapes where the letterforms play with digitized qualities in contrast, while it is computer-generated, presenting
organic growths of man-made structures.

Naumann’s way of using RGB color scheme presents an aesthetic meet of scientific and artistic practices. There is abstract mathematical model describing colors through numbers. The RGB color mode mixes light frequencies and colors that are predictable numerically. The RGB color scheme is a creative design practice involving intellectual and aesthetical fascination. It highlights the cross-disciplinary influences of Naumann through different type of treatment. It is the reason Naumann’s portfolio reveals great versatility. His editorial work for Die ZEIT, German Newspaper is compelling. Naumann’s designs are commercially oriented and reveal meeting of functional clarity and experimentation.

#1 Chromatic Logo Design Google

#2 Chromatic Logo Design Apple

#3 Logo Design Twitter

#4 Pinterest


#5 Xbox

#6 Nissan

#7 Warner Bros Logo

#8 Burger King Logo

#9 WWF Logo

#10 Netflix Logo

#11 Windows Logo

#12 Vogue Logo

#13 Whatsapp Logo

#14 NBC tv Logo

#15 Maserati Logo

#16 YouTube Logo

#17 Superman Logo

#18 Behance Logo


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