Metal Sculpture Jean Martin
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20 Creative And Wonderful Metal Sculpture Art by Jean Martin

Jean Martin is a Metal sculpture artist who discovered stainless steel beyond its physical qualities. His beginnings in the mixture of materials are abstract and it led him to Fluid Design collection that he expresses his intention to freeze unique pieces. Martin reflects on the space and translates his universe. His original initiatives demonstrate art and it does not rely on any new academic conventions. Jean Martin will pursue the Sculptures series and create steel bodies.

Jean Martin is a professional metal welder. He uses his skills to manufacture and design steel statues. He is working in Saint Barthelemy. His artworks are solid and airy, appropriate for luxury homes. They are resistant to marine and rain elements and shine under the light or in the sun. They are found mainly in the US and in France, beside Geneva, Buenos Aires, or Tel Aviv. Jean Martin aka Raven, for over 20 years is exploring metal sculpture and its composition through collage. He uses lacerated posters that are found on the streets. The fragments of these posters feature numerous layers and work as a historical and social mirror for the urban territory. He glues, cuts, composes, layers and recomposes, adds graffiti, presents finished works on different supports.

Raven while working on sculpture creates dialogue and creates new narratives. The cultural and sociopolitical symbols form a collective memory for the society. The signs are unreadable, while there is a need to make sense of the words and letters. In fact some images come out from the layers, same as our old memories.

Born in Casablanca, Morocco is Jean Martin, to a French father and a Sephardic mother. Jean Martin immigrated to Canada at the age of six with his parents. He did in English in Montreal primary and secondary studies. Not knowing the career to follow, he joined the Norwegian merchant marine. After working hard and traveling the world, he returned to Montreal and finished his studies at Vanier College.

Vanier College is the place his interest in art began. He met Brother Gérôme and later Françoise Sullivan, and created minimalist paintings popularized by the Automatists. In the 1980s early, he moved to a spontaneous and figurative style. The messages convey the art.

Jean Martin visited many times to New York and thought of renting in Old Montreal a studio-loft in 3300 square foot in the Hemsley Building. He creates a series of paintings. He exhibited his works in Montreals Maisons de la culture and the Pink Gallery. His large format painting gained popularity. The Hemsley workshop was an old warehouse featuring all kinds of objects and it attracted Jean Martin to make sculptures. He gave life to abandoned objects. In 1988, he won first prize for one of the sculptures at the Edouard Montpetit Gallery and was awarded by Normand Biron. The prize also gave him admission to the HEC Montreal and he took courses in
Art Career Management.

In the 1990s, galleries closed doors due to recession and artists such as Raven or Jean Martin were not able to exhibit their work. He drew back and enrolled at Concordia University earning a BFA in studio art in 2002. Here he got interested in ceramic and Metal sculpture. He created a series of works.

In 2003, he went on a two-year pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, taking a foot journey through France and Spain. Here, he was introduced to meditation and cosmic wave theory. On his return, he took to paintings and sculptures as a new series and it reflected his new state of mind. He adopted over all techniques mastered in 1980s. His paintings revealed new expression forms recalling images and there were a series of works.

Around 2005, Raven regularly exhibited in galleries, met several speakers who inspired him to pursue the Metal sculpture art. It encouraged him to delve into the social dimensions and history of the city through sculpture, paintings, and installation. He uses recycled materials and posters and is one of the rare artists using this medium for his artwork.

Jean Martin followed his research in the world of art and represents figuratively. He is making metal sculptures and paintings deciding the materials choice and uses minimal manufacturing techniques. He likes using rudimentary tools and his commitment is to emphasize the manufacturing process.

Metal Sculptures-Jean Martin

#1 Saint Barth

#2 Saint Barth

#3 Saint Barth

#4 The Twins

#5 Twins

#6 Twins

#7 Gaia

#8 God OF WInd

#9 Sitting

#10 Sitting

#11 Sitting

#12 Diane

#13 Diane

#14 Surfing

#15 Surf

#16 Surfing

Metal Sculpture Surfing by Jean Martin
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#17 Pelican Bird

#18 Pelican Bird

#19 Bear

#20 Bear

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