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A Fine selection of Top 10 3D Model Websites

3d modelling have no limitation in transferring vivid imaginations into digital. It can be anything, a promising product, a game character, or some architectural model, there are endless 3D creations.

Everyone translated ideas into digital reality and there is a wide selection of websites. There are 3D ready-made models to use in animation, video games, 3D printing, graphic design, and more. Here is a list of wealth of repositories and good selection of 3D model websites that ensure a revenue source. Look for platforms that are fine selection showcasing works.

Top 10 3D model websites

1. Turbosquid

Turbosquid is a popular 3D asset stores on the web. There is a huge selection of 3D in high quality. They offer frequent discounts, great pricing, and awesome customer service. Turbo Squid has everything one would want for 3D environments or game. This website is easy to use and has no compatibility issues. Their return policy is also simple and they refund your money.

2. Highend3D

Highend3D is a well-known marketplace featuring free and paid assets, and is available for download. It has more than 70,000 models and houses a community of 3ds Max and community artists. It is easy for the community to share and create tutorials from this website. Find quality assets plus 3D work learning materials. Get some tips from talented artists in their community.


3DExport was launched in 2004, and it is one of the world’s largest high quality 3D content providers. Using their online marketplace, users can sell and buy 3D models and textures for their own commercial and personal projects. 3DExport offers hand-crafted 3D models in a wide selection in a variety of formats. Finding an artist you like is easy to browse with their portfolio and discover their work. It is to offer direct communication to the customer and the artist as 3D Export facilitates more social environment.


3DRT specializes in 3D models for the web and game development. It is a leading provider of CG content. The focus is on inventory of game models and asset packs, it helps game developers save time on projects. The 3DRT assets are in three categories real-world, sci-fi, and fantasy. They give individual models and themed packs in competitive prices. 3DRT has rigged characters with more animations selling for less. Get their dungeon kit for cheap and build multiple levels of the game.

5. Cubebrush

Cubebrush is more a 3D asset store. It has everything you may look for. A variety of models to look for including cars, weapons, animals, and more. They also offer a range of prices and options with budgeting the project. You can find new assets as inclusions each month. Look for game engines and seek compatibility.

6. Hum3D

The Hum3D studio website is since 2005. This team has thousands of models to offer around the world. They focus on weapons, cars, and electronics, while they aim for quality. They have the customer base of more than 40,000 freelancers, designers, and art directors. It aims meeting your deadlines by offering support. Hum 3D organizes contests for artists to gain experience. It is the right place for 3D assets and to connect with 3D other artists.

7. 3Delicious

3Delicious has a vast selection of free 3D models. It is inspired by real-life objects and natural aesthetic. 3Delicious is a wonderful resource for illustrators, designers and environment artists. The free models are in thousands ranging from electronics to furniture, trees and other ornamentation. It is easy to use, cheap and a huge variety is available.

8. Blender Market

Blender Market is known for its fair price and it takes you to the next level in shaders, textures, and scripts. 3D model library of Blender Market is massive. They have individual models available in designs for Blender projects. From spaceships to animals, at a click of the mouse you can download anything. They have asset packs for entire building scenes and the assets are from professional artists such as film and game industries. You can use Blender Market as it is the right place for Blender artists and game designers.

9. 3D Ocean

3D Ocean gives more than 3D models as it belongs to the Envato Marketplace. They sell web themes, graphics, scripts and audio &video royalty-free. It is one-stop-shop for all the cyber-creative needs. 3D Ocean is the resource for designers and game developers looking for solid 3D assets. Their selection is quality tested and user-designed. Selling work is possible here, but ensure your stuff is the best. 3D Ocean is stocked with talented artists and quality online 3D assets.

10. 3D Warehouse 

The Google 3D Warehouse is an online databank of 3D models. Anyone can search for and download models, but if you are looking to publish your own, then you’ll need to sign in using your Google account.


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