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15 Omar Aqil 3D Model illustrations Inspired famous Picasso Paintings

Omar Aqil is a 3D model talented CGI illustrator and art director from Pakistan. He has experience of more than 8 years and is now enjoying recreating work from artists such as Picasso in his 3D style the modern way.

Omar Aqil grew up in an environment that offered him the liberty of choosing that he wishes and the liberty to become that he wants. He says his father was strongly related to art, he was a professional textile designer and a painter. It helped him in learning basic things. The painting skills taught him to look for details, have lots of patience, and to maintain perfection in his work. on completing in communication his master degree, he explores various mediums, and found 3D was comfortable to work with.

Omar Aqil began learning in 2011 the 3D software and focused on 4D cinema. He began experimenting programs to find his style. He says to use software one should know using its specific techniques. Finding his signature style was important for his journey and it took him 6 years to get to his particular style and to reform in 3D his most famous artists work.

It is not easy to recreate a famous artist’s work and even if you do, it is not easy to see success. He knew the truth, but as a challenge began his first series with Picassos work, MIMIC as a foundation. In 2017, the series gained popularity and received welcoming response. Thus, it gave him confidence to focus on interpreting other artists work and to amass more inspirations from their art past history. He developed a routine to learn about different designers and artists.

Omar Aqil worked with JWT an advertising agency for 5 years as art director. He said he learnt things such as dealing with pressure, time management, and team work. It helped him develop a control and to stay well-coordinated with his work challenges. He left in 2018 the job and focused on freelance collaborative work.

Omar Aquil says the best platform to get in touch for creative’s is the creative community. He confirms that approaching your favorite artists and talking to them is never easy. As he began learning 3D and was sharing on Behance his projects, he received a lot of criticism, and also appreciation at the same time. His work received admiration through Behance and this gave him confidence to bring in more projects. He began working and built a portfolio and stayed engaged with the art community.

Omar Aqil lives in Lahore city featuring rich history and huge cultural values in arts. There are multiple platforms now to share and learn about arts to fulfill your dreams. It offers multiple opportunities to see your dreams come true. He is an art director and does illustration. His 3D model characters are based on the sculptures of Pablo Picasso. He loves working on digital art and his 3D models are abstract models from Picasso. His illustrations are in many magazines such as Wacom Gallery, Adobe, Harpers Bazaar, Design Boom, GQ Australia, Fubiz, and more. The leading brands are also his top clients including, Google, Apple, Adobe, Lenovo, Shutterstcok, Crocs, Snapchat, and lots more.

3D Character Illustration Inspired Picasso Painting-Omar Aqil

#1 3d Model Character Design Picasso Painting

#2 3d Model Character Illustration Inspired Picasso








#10 3D Duo Character Illustration Inspired Picasso

#11 3d Duo Character Illustration Inspired Picasso Painting

#12 3d Duo Character Illustration Inspired Picasso Art




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