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10 Creating Seamless Textures of 3D Character Designs by Thomas-Geosyrup

Thomas is from France a 3D character design artist. His inspirations present his passion about movies, video games, and TV shows. Thomas lives in Ireland and is passionate about animation and 3D modeling. He brings out his imagination using Blenders powerful software.

Thomas is been working for the past 12 years on various 3D modeling programs for production designing. With the discovery of the powerful software, Blender, Thomas realized his potential to create without any limitations.

Thomas is working at Facepunch Studios Ltd as an artist. He has experience in modeling game ready assets maintaining the characters to seamless environment props and textures. He works within a texture limit and a polygon. He strives to create and improve high quality assets, displays efficiency and unique personality. His aim is to texture pipeline and to compliment inhabits in the game world.

He previously worked on a Kickstarter project as a character artist on Kung Fu Superstar. His focus is on creating characters and character attires that is ideal for game implementation. He models and does sculpting in Zbrush and 3ds Maya/max high poly detail to generate normal maps. Retopology and developing low poly models ensures efficient poly flow ready for animation, skinning, and texturing. Maximizing and generating UV layout space ensures creating seamless textures. There is 3D character design featuring variety of styles, texturing and it
includes hand painted to realistic.

3ds Maya, Max, Photoshop, Zbrush, Xnormal, Crazy Bump, Perforce, Topogun, Unity Engine, Texturing, Low Res Modeling, and character art are some of the software he used for his 3D character design. He combines 3D techniques with traditional production methods such as art direction, character design, surfacing and texturing, 3D and 2D animation, asset creation, and sculpting.

3D Character Designs

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