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15 Creativity in New Styles with 3D Character Design by SM Bonin

SM Bonin is highly passionate and self-motivated 3d character design artist. He is a Bangladesh character design artist skilled in CG aspects. Bonin is at present working as a freelance character artist and is creating a few 3d models that are standing to his credit.

SM Bonin is very creative and it is evident in his 3d models and character designs. The flash, greek goddesses, rock angel, hulk, and Indian mythological gods are 3d models featuring powerful character designs. SM Bonin complete in 2013 from University of Dhaka MFA (Master of Fine Arts) and worked on various platforms. During this journey of learning, he developed 3d character designs for many companies.

SM Bonin draws his inspiration from Hollywood popular movies for his 3d models and also from different culture adding to his travel experiences. He is a 3d model artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh and has worked at B9 as character artist. He is working now at Hack House in Dhaka, Bangaldesh as a senior animator.

SM Bonin created Chinese mythological character, The Monkey King for games and his childhood superhero Captain Planet stands with organic armor type around, Wukong. Bonin’s aim is to continue his career in 3d model art and to pursue researches in different types of arts. His analytical skills and passion for art are strong.

3D Character Design

Check More About SM Bonin: ArtStation | YouTube


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