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Zbrush 3D Model Character Design by Liro Kivisto

Zbrsuh 3d Model: Liro Kivisto is a 3D artist, a 22-year-old design student from Finland. He was always keen in art and technology. He was keen in 3D visualization that he combined his technical knowledge with design and art that it became a huge passion. He got interested in this workflow and started his design projects.

Zbrush 3d Model Character Design Thomas Shelby by Liro Kivisto
Image Credit: Liro Kivisto

Liro uses 3ds Max, Nuke, Maya, Photoshop, and Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, ZBrush, Arnold, V-Ray, World Machine, SpeedTree, RailClone, Forest Pack, Substance Alchemist, and Reality Capture.as software.

Liro says 3D can be used with CGI (computer generated imagery), 3D graphics, 3D rendering, and so on. It is all the same is his strong belief that all help in creating graphical content using the computer software. The work evolves into a new design and offers several benefits in creating immersive and realistic digital content.

Zbrush 3d Model Character Design Lea Seydoux by Liro Kivisto
Image Credit: Liro Kivisto

It requires practice and education to perfect this designing craft so that they see the visual elements even before they use the 3D software. There are several misconceptions regarding 3D visualization. However, modern 3D artists and designers are armed with the technology of 3d modeling. It helps present projects, products, or ideas digitally even before the starting of the
production. Representing the entire truth in a project is a must before considering the construction.

Zbrush 3d Model Character Design Mads Mikkelsen Liro Kivisto
Image Credit: Liro Kivisto

3D is a visual representation demonstrating the look of a person. It represents many things unimaginable. These are the ideas that are brought using the software. It means to pay attention much to details. With 3D visualization, there are no limits. Creating a prototype or the same face, 3D is useful to bring changes. 3D artists can give graphic results and make the same image
astonishing. It is sure that it will offer lifelike experiences.

Zbrush 3d Model Character Design Woman by Liro Kivisto
Image Credit: Liro Kivisto

3D is useful for end-users and manufacturers. 3D visualization allows others to see right from the various stages you start working. 3D artists are people who do visualizations and do not need deep technical knowledge. But they must have creative and artistic skills to bring something unique.

There are countless software solutions available to present 3D designs and photographs. It is personal preference of each artist to communicate with the image. The artists know their job and regardless of the software they use, enjoying the exact visualization is certain.

Zbrush 3d Model Character Design Zbrush by Liro Kivisto
Image Credit: Liro Kivisto

A design offers a 3D view in much less time and is also cost-effective than the physical models. It does not take much time, whereas building a physical model takes weeks. The 3D images are produced in hours and are useful for various shows and Cartoons. It also eliminates hiring models. The 3D artist model facilitates with ease the design iteration and the appearance is more
in control. It is easy to handle the holograms and to transport.

Multiple copies can be sent and produced with updates in a short time. It is convenient to produce 3D models and character designs giving variation each time. Moreover, it can be sent anywhere, anytime. The images can be full of colors or even in black and white shades giving different look.

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